Welding technology and tools that make welding easier

Welding technology and tools that make welding easier

Welding technology and tools that make welding easier





Greetings welding fans,




Welding technology and tools that make welding easier





There really are many welding tools that make everyday welding easier. The coolest thing is that they are now available for very little money.



I wanted to introduce you to something we ordered. We came across the subject of magnets, which really make welding a lot easier.


I’ll start with the burner holder, which also has a magnet. This is a great advantage because you can simply attach it anywhere on magnetic surfaces. This means you always have your TIG torch or mag torch to hand and right where you need it. I think it’s really great, since then my burner doesn’t fall on the floor all the time.



WIg welding torch holder wig welding aluminum spoon welding welding tools



Next, we have a magnet for the mass. The big advantage of this part is that if you can’t find the right spot on the part to be welded with the earth clamp, you can use the magnet to find a blank spot. There is a thread on it where you can either attach the ground cable directly or clamp on the ground clamp.

A mega tool for little money, which really helps us all the time and we use it a lot. For example, when we weld tanks or parts are to retain their original appearance, i.e. the color is to be preserved.



Free video welding tips






Mass magnet can holder Magnetic

mass magnet weldinger aluminum spoon welding steel welding throw away tank welding




And the last magnet tool is an angle magnet. This is actually there if you want to weld frames, for example, and you can then weld them together with a miter. But the part can be used in many more areas, for example for aligning other parts that are to be welded. There are now three such parts on my TIG welding table. I can place it on my table where I need it and can perfectly align the part I need to weld.

Really a great item and again at a very reasonable price.




Angle magnet

Mass magnet 45 degree 90 degree angle steel welding mag welding frame welding tig welding aluminum bucket




The last thing we have is a welding blanket. This is of course great for MAG welding if you want to cover things and protect them from splashes.




Free aluminum welding tips
Free aluminum welding tips





But even if a component needs to cool down slowly, I simply wrap it in the blanket after welding. This slows down the cooling time by one to two hours. Very interesting for cast aluminum or cast steel.



Really cheap


Welding blanket

Why a welding blanket




A straightening welding table is of course also a great thing that makes things a lot easier.




Welding technology and tools that make welding easier

Toggle lever clamp D16



Important protect yourself NOW simply & cheaply from welding fumes!





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I also recorded the whole thing in a video, which you can watch here. I will link it here below. Then you can see the parts again live and in color.

Welding technology and tools that make welding easier



I hope I was able to help you with the article on welding technology and tools that make welding easier. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. It’s all about welding, welding technology and tools that make welding easier every day

10 tig welder tips


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