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Welding services

Welding service from the experts

We weld aluminum, cast aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and steel for you. We also offer numerous welding products and accessories in our store and support people in learning about welding online and offline.

Online store for welding accessories

The Alu Löffel online store offers you a large selection of welding accessories, merchandise, vouchers, rustic wooden furniture, abrasives and much more. A special highlight in the aluminum spoon welder online store are the parts suitable for Simsons.

Welder workshops

We coach you directly in our workshop with your own welding machine. You will learn how to achieve better results and thus command higher prices as a self-employed person.

Classic car repair welding

We save your classic car project with aluminum welding. Whether classic cars, vintage cars, classic motorcycles, cars or airplanes. With aluminum welding, frames, tanks or individual parts can be repaired, saved and restored.

Submit orders directly online

We process our welding orders conveniently and securely directly online. Upload all the important data, fill in all the important fields and you’re ready to go!

Online course Masterclass

Learn how to weld aluminum, cast aluminum and tig welding u. f. n. directly online. In our online academy you will find everything you need to know about welding and ‘learning to weld’.

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Over the last few years, we have built up extensive expertise by working closely with renowned industry leaders. This enables us to offer you high-quality solutions and a reliable service that you can rely on.
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