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Welding cast aluminum Summary

Welding cast aluminum - what is it, how does it work?

Cast aluminum is poured and different alloys are added. That is why there are parts that can be welded well and some that cannot be welded so well. It always depends on whether the right filler material is available.

Welding cast aluminum means repairing and welding a broken cast aluminum part. It must be clear that cast aluminum behaves differently than normal aluminum.

Basically, cast aluminum can be welded in a similar way to normal aluminum. However, there are a few things to bear in mind. Because cast aluminum is cast, it is slightly brittle. So you have to be careful to make a proper connection when welding a crack, for example. In addition, the components are usually used, i.e. they have been in contact with dirt or oil for a long time. These are of course factors that are very bad for welding. This means that cleaning before and during welding is extremely important here. Why? Dirt and oil means that you have pores in the weld seam that can lead to leaks or cracks again. To avoid this, you really have to make sure you weld as cleanly as possible. Of course, the whole thing requires a bit of experience in exactly how to go about it, how to weld a crack and how to get the whole thing optimally clean.

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Welding cast aluminum: Special features

Aluminum welding Aluminum bucket

Cast aluminum is very often used in vehicles. For example, motors, housings, gearbox covers. Many parts are made of cast aluminum. Unfortunately, many people still think that cast aluminum is not weldable.

I have to say that there are 1% to 2% of cases where this really doesn’t work. The other part works very well. Of course, you have to pay attention to many things here, because the basic thing already has to do with aluminum welding, but cast aluminum is very special and requires a little more before and after work to weld it optimally.

Cast aluminum parts cannot be welded if, for example, other things have flowed into the molds. I’ve often had older men there who worked in companies that produced such aluminum parts and told me that whatever was still standing around in the workshop flew into the mold.

Their response to me was that they had never thought that such parts would ever be welded. This is the reason why, although they are the same component, one can be welded very well and another may not.

With used cast aluminum, it is of course often the case that it is already older. The component has therefore already absorbed a lot of dirt in the material. This of course contributes to the fact that it cannot be welded optimally. Here, too, there are certain settings on the welding machine that make the whole thing work better. The most important thing is cleaning before and during welding.

What can be repaired with AluGUSS welding?

What repair options are there now?

There are many different types of repairs, depending on what the component is made of. For example, threads wear out, we then weld them and cut new threads. Or when dismantling an engine, a bearing seat breaks or a corner comes apart. What has also often happened, as customers have told us, is that a component has fallen off when dismantling the engine and then a corner has broken out of the engine part. This is not a problem at all. You either have the option of welding the part on or, to make it perfect, the material is completely reapplied and the whole thing is brought into shape. This means that the whole thing consists of one piece again to ensure optimum stability.

Here is a summary of some good examples

* Weld on sealing surfaces

* Weld defective threads

* Replace oil drain thread

* Apply material in general

* Cracks TO weld

* Weld up holes

* Conversions

What you need to consider when welding AluGUSS

At Simson, for example, the entire engine block is made of cast aluminum. There are always two variations on the theme here. Once tuning, then we weld on the engines or if original parts are to be retained and there are breakouts somewhere or a thread has to be recut. This type of work is not a problem.

Many parts are also made of cast aluminum in motorsports in general for cars, motocross and enduro. Which of course can break and we then weld.

The question often arises as to how old the component is, can it be bought new? In the classic car sector, it is of course not possible to simply buy a new component. You can certainly get another used one, but the question is what condition it is in. Classic car fans naturally like it when the components remain original to the vehicle. Then come to us and we will help you to repair the component. Believe me, there really is a lot possible when it comes to repairing cast aluminum.

Another advantage

We can secure the trust you place in us with an order by giving you a varied insight into our company. We have a media presence that lets you take a look behind the scenes. You can find videos / photos and reports on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and you can also listen to our podcast.

Does the aluminum tank have a leak? Whether it’s a crack in the tank or a leak – I will localize it and weld the classic car tank. Then check for leaks in the test. Are any other aluminum parts broken and in need of repair? Various welding techniques enable the restoration of major and minor damage to aluminum vehicle parts.

Use our request form and send us pictures of your problem.

Leave us a message or write to us with suitable pictures of your problem

Then use our request form and send us pictures of your classic car problem.

Does the aluminum tank have a leak? Whether it’s a crack in the tank or a leak – I will localize it and weld the classic car tank. Then check for leaks in the test. Are any other aluminum parts broken and in need of repair? Various welding techniques enable the restoration of major and minor damage to aluminum vehicle parts.

Get to know me and my working methods so that you can see the quality and tidiness for yourself. Screwdrivers and tinkerers can learn valuable things here and of course it never gets boring. Become part of the community!

… and enjoy tinkering with the old machines! Get your parts delivered reliably and never again have trouble with aluminum parts that need repair! We will be happy to help you with welding technology and find a solution for your classic car collector’s items. To be able to reinstall them in their original condition. Cast aluminum, stainless steel & steel welding. We are specialized in this field and have years of experience to help and advise you.

Aluminum welding Aluminum bucket

The classic car market has a lot to offer and we are keen to support your project. The wide range of classic cars are always exciting projects that we like to have on our welding table.

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