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Welding aluminum - What exactly is it?

Do you have a broken aluminum part or are you planning a custom-made product where you need someone who can weld aluminum? This is exactly where we can help you to realize or save your project, your part. We have been welding aluminum for 10 years now, almost every day.

In addition to aluminium welding, we specialize in the repair of aluminium parts and custom-made products. We often don’t even know what material a particular component is made of, but we see aluminum very often in everyday life. For example, bicycle frames, garden chairs and many parts on motorcycles and cars are made of aluminum.

And at least 98% of the parts can be repaired and the aluminum welded to make it look like new again. On our YouTube channel or on Instagram, we show you what’s possible and how we fix it all.

So either you need our help and we help you with aluminum welding or you want to weld the whole thing yourself, then we can also help you with equipment or tips and tricks.

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Welding aluminum: Myths

Aluminum welding Aluminum bucket

Unfortunately, there are many myths about aluminum welding that are not always positive. It’s precisely these myths that I want to dispel, which is why I’m clearing things up on my YouTube channel.

People often say: “Aluminum doesn’t hold”, “It’s too soft!”. There are many statements that are not true. Welding aluminum has nothing to do with conventional welding, which is known from metal construction or steel construction. The normal specialist welding companies weld MAG and more in steel or stainless steel. There are not that many companies that can really weld aluminum and therefore not many aluminum welders.

But I can tell you that so much is possible in the aluminum sector! And if you take a close look around you in your environment or everyday life, you will see that there are a lot of things made of aluminum.

What aluminum can be welded?

Many everyday objects are made of aluminum. But sometimes we are not even aware of which parts are actually made of aluminum. Let’s take the example of a bicycle frame. Most bicycle frames are made of aluminum.

In normal production, bicycle frames are of course welded. This means that bicycle frames can also be welded and repaired as normal afterwards.

Of course, there are important points to pay attention to here! We at Alu Löffel have gained a great deal of experience over the last ten years and know exactly what is important.

Aluminum is also often found in the kitchen, for example, various kitchen utensils are made of aluminum.

Camping chairs, chairs in the kitchen or at the dining table are also made of aluminum.

Here, of course, you have to weigh up whether it makes sense, whether a repair does not exceed the new purchase price.

There are also many things in the garden that are made of aluminum. For example, on a lawn mower or wheelbarrow. So you see, many things in our everyday lives are made of aluminum. And it is precisely these defective aluminum parts that we weld in our repair workshop.

The big advantage of aluminum is, of course, the weight. If you were to use steel instead, you would usually have double or triple the weight.

For example, even when a roof is being repaired on a house, there is of course scaffolding around the house and these elements are now almost exclusively made of aluminum. They are just as stable, but the big advantage is of course their lightness and ease of handling.

What you need to consider when welding aluminum

Of course, as with all materials, there are certain points to watch out for with aluminum.

Over the last ten years, we have been able to gain a lot of experience, try things out and learn new things.

Now we know from our own experience which important points need to be considered and adhered to when welding aluminum.

In other words: Which accessories do I use, which filler material do I use for which material and what are the advantages of this filler material?

In which order do you weld a certain component so that there is as little distortion as possible? How do I approach the whole thing before I weld a used or broken aluminum part?

In terms of cleaning preparation, it is very important to know where there is a crack in a component during repair welding, for example.

There is a specific application that must be strictly adhered to so that the component does not tear at the same point again.

Another advantage

We can secure the trust you place in us with an order by giving you a varied insight into our company. We have a media presence that lets you take a look behind the scenes. You can find videos / photos and reports on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and you can also listen to our podcast.

Does the aluminum tank have a leak? Whether it’s a crack in the tank or a leak – I will localize it and weld the classic car tank. Then check for leaks in the test. Are any other aluminum parts broken and in need of repair? Various welding techniques enable the restoration of major and minor damage to aluminum vehicle parts.

Use our request form and send us pictures of your problem.

Leave us a message or write to us with suitable pictures of your problem

Then use our request form and send us pictures of your classic car problem.

Does the aluminum tank have a leak? Whether it’s a crack in the tank or a leak – I will localize it and weld the classic car tank. Then check for leaks in the test. Are any other aluminum parts broken and in need of repair? Various welding techniques enable the restoration of major and minor damage to aluminum vehicle parts.

Get to know me and my working methods so that you can see the quality and tidiness for yourself. Screwdrivers and tinkerers can learn valuable things here and of course it never gets boring. Become part of the community!

… and enjoy tinkering with the old machines! Get your parts delivered reliably and never again have trouble with aluminum parts that need repair! We will be happy to help you with welding technology and find a solution for your classic car collector’s items. To be able to reinstall them in their original condition. Cast aluminum, stainless steel & steel welding. We are specialized in this field and have years of experience to help and advise you.

Aluminum welding Aluminum bucket

The classic car market has a lot to offer and we are keen to support your project. The wide range of classic cars are always exciting projects that we like to have on our welding table.

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