Which welding for beginners

Which welding for beginners

Which welding for beginners,




Greetings welding fans,




Which welding for beginners

Today the question is, which welding process is best for beginners?




The first question to ask yourself is whether you already have a welding machine or whether you need to get one now.



Next, you have to ask yourself what you would like to weld. What exactly do you have in mind, or in which direction do you want to go? Only for house and yard welding or perhaps also on vehicles or something else?



Once you have clarified this question for yourself, you can set off. We basically have three different welding processes that are most commonly used today.


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Let’s assume that it’s for at home, in the garden or small jobs that need to be done quickly. Then I would decide between electrode welding and MAG welding.



Welliger welding machine aluminum spoon mag welding steel welding at home welding machine for thin sheets Welliger welding machine aluminum spoon welding



The big advantage of electric welding is that you don’t need gas, you just need the welding machine and the electrodes and you can basically get started straight away. However, in my opinion, this welding process is not so suitable for welding beginners or newcomers because it requires a little more experience and knowledge about welding.






Next, of course, would be possible MAG or gas-shielded arc welding. Here the wire comes directly out of the front of the burner. I find this one of the easiest ways for beginners to get a feel for welding. What does the weld pool look like, in which direction do you have to weld and so on.



Set WELDINGER TIG welding unit 204 ACDC LCD




Finally, there is the TIG welding process, which is also an inert gas welding process. This is of course a little more specialized because you have a burner with which you melt the material and dose the filler material yourself.

Of course, this also has some advantages, but of course it is also, let’s say, a little more difficult to weld with it because you have to practice a little more feeling or motor skills to weld with both hands.


Aluminum bucket tig welding machine aluminum welding action welding inverter WELDINGER WE 2003P ACDC with TIG set pressure regulator welding helmet


That’s why it always depends on what exactly you have in mind.

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Which welding for beginners






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So I hope I was able to help you with the article “Which welding for beginners”. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. The daily topic there is welding, which welding for beginners

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