Welding aluminum with electrode

Welding aluminum with electrode

Welding aluminum with electrode



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Welding aluminum with electrode



Welding aluminum with the right electrode works very well!



About 2-3 years ago, I tried welding aluminum with an electrode. What can I say, the result did not materialize. It did not work well! I had cheap electrodes from Amazon and they were an absolute disaster.



The first major problem was that the electrode ignited extremely poorly or not at all. In most cases, the electrode has stuck and when the electrode is removed from the sheet metal, the conversion has already completely loosened and crumbled off.


That was bad, of course, because then you could no longer weld optimally with the electrode. Once you got the electrode to work, it was more of a spill, which of course didn’t make the whole thing any nicer.



I have been working together with Böhler Welding for some time, who also produce their own filler material, such as electrodes. The whole thing then runs via the. UTP. and the guys also have aluminum electrodes and I started the second attempt with them.



Aluminum rod electrode UTP 485


With the electrodes, everything went much, much better straight away. It went so well that I tried out several things with it. And I have found that it works very well, but can of course be welded a lot differently than with normal electrodes for steel welding.



After normal welding on a sheet of metal, I then started to weld a butt seam. We then moved on to fillet welding and we also welded profiles together.


Aluminum practice sheets learn to weld throw away aluminum welding

So we tested a few things here and we quickly realized that you have to weld much faster than with steel electrodes.



Then I tested the whole thing again with my Weldinger welding machine and with the Böhler welding system. The Böhler system has a few more settings here, which made the whole thing run even better. But the Weldinger system also worked really well.



Slag hammer all-steel Slag hammer


In other words, if you have an electrode welding machine at home, you can definitely weld some things yourself at home with the aluminum electrodes. The only thing I would recommend in any case is that you practice 2-3 electrodes on an old plate first, you should allow for the fact that you need this to develop a feel for it.


aluminum spoon electrode welding welding without gas action-set-weldinger-ew-140-mini-mma-wig-welding-inverter-helmet-hammer-electrode-gloves

If you clean it a little beforehand, it will of course ignite a little better. I have also recorded 2-3 YouTube videos on this, where you can watch the whole thing again in video form.



And the really cool thing is that the electrodes are available in our store from five pieces and you don’t have to buy a whole kilo or more.



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I hope my article on welding aluminum with electrodes has helped you. Take a look at my free tig welding tips HERE

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