Tank welding or brazing?

Tank welding or brazing?

Tank welding or brazing?


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Tank welding or brazing?


As an experienced tank repairer, I am happy to share my experience from about ten years of work and give you my preferred approach.



A normal tank is usually made of steel, so I prefer welding with the MAG or TIG process and a suitable steel filler.



My experience has shown that tanks that have previously been soldered often crack again at the soldered points, as tanks are exposed to a certain amount of mechanical stress. For this reason, I am not necessarily a fan of brazing. If we receive such a tank, we have to decide whether to grind everything out again or simply re-solder the tank.



If it is possible to weld the tank conventionally, we always use this option as it works best for me and has proven to be the best method over the years.



The most important prerequisite is that the tank is optimally clean inside and out. After all, it is crucial that the tank is 100% leak-proof again during welding.



Motorcycle steel tank TIG brazing
Motorcycle steel tank TIG brazing


It is also important to properly vent the tank, as this can be extremely dangerous. It is even better to fill the tank with inert gas, such as argon.



For me, MAG welding is best because it is fast and cold and we can apply the material quickly and efficiently to the relevant area. With TIG welding, I often have the problem that too much heat gets into the material. My experience has shown that used tanks are more difficult to weld using the TIG process than with MAG.



However, this only applies to used tanks. If you are building a new tank, TIG welding also works very well.



We then check the tanks for leaks, clean them again and double seal them to ensure that the tank shows no further signs of rust. This is of course an important aspect, especially for tanks that are no longer available, to ensure the best possible protection.


Motorcycle tank sealing set for up to 10 liters


If you are unable to carry out such repairs or welding work yourself, we will be happy to help you. You are welcome to contact us. For those who can do it themselves, we have linked all the necessary materials. Take a look at it, it will definitely help you.


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Tank welding or brazing?




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