Safety instructions for welding

Safety instructions for welding

Safety instructions for welding


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Safety instructions for welding


How important is safety when welding? Some think it’s important, others think: “Oh, that’s fine!” There are many points that need to be worked on, particularly with regard to welding fumes and the working environment during welding.



For most people, health and safety comes first – of course work shoes are important, but there are also many other important things, such as protective clothing in general, fireproof trousers and a fireproof jacket, especially when MAG welding.




These issues are often extremely underestimated, as is the topic of extraction and fresh air supply. For me, these are some of the most important aspects in terms of welding safety. I keep hearing from people in the community that they still have to work without extraction and fresh air supply.


Kemper Smart Master welding fume extraction systemGuardian Air Kit with Guardian50FM Air flip-up welding helmet (matt blue) with fresh air supply


There was even a case where someone wrote to me that he had to vomit three to four times a week at work because of the welding fumes. At this point, it is absolutely no longer justifiable and it should slowly become a legal requirement in Germany that welders must be provided with such basic equipment.


You can also, as we do, simply supply the room or workshop with fresh air by keeping windows and doors open and ventilating properly. Of course, this can make a difference, but it is only an additional measure and not the main one.



When it comes to welding equipment, you also have to differentiate between TIG and MAG welding. MAG welding naturally requires more extensive protective equipment, as spatter can also get under clothing and into the ears. You have to protect yourself accordingly.



There are also welding blankets that I keep realizing many people don’t even know about or use! This is a great and inexpensive tool that is perfect for everyday welding.


Why a welding blanket


You can use it to cover components where something could catch fire or to protect a cardboard box nearby. Many things can be covered with them and, as an added benefit, there are even welding blankets that also function as fire blankets. So you practically have a two-in-one function.



If a protective blanket is not enough, you should always have fire extinguishers in the workshop. Many people always think that fire extinguishers are very expensive, but this is a misconception. Fire extinguishers are available from as little as €140.


S9DF-1 9 l frost-proof foam fire extinguisher Neuruppin 9LE permanent pressure extinguisher



We now have about five or six of them in our workshop at almost every workstation for safety reasons, just in case something happens. A distinction should also be made between powder and foam extinguishers. Electrical fires, for example, are extinguished with powder extinguishers.



ABC 9 kg powder fire extinguisher


These are definitely things that can contribute to safety when welding. So make sure you are well equipped and always take the important safety precautions.



The big advantage is that the basic security measures are not that expensive. You may have to invest a little in extraction and fresh air supply, but it will definitely pay off for your health in the long term.


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Safety instructions for welding




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