Why a welding blanket

Why a welding blanket

Why a welding blanket


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Why a welding protection blanket is important in the workshop!



I can actually explain this to you quite simply, there are always situations in the workshop where you can use them on a daily basis. I keep realizing that many people don’t even know that this exists and what advantages it actually has. In addition, many people think that a welding blanket costs several hundred euros, which is not the case.



So what do we use a welding blanket for, for example? We often weld parts that have a beautiful outer skin, for example, that must not be damaged, such as a tank or polished aluminum parts.


Now I take a welding blanket, put it on my welding table and use it to protect my components from being scratched, but why a welding blanket and not a normal blanket, because the welding blanket is not flammable. And anyone who has ever used a normal blanket for welding knows how dangerous the whole thing can be, because it usually doesn’t start to burn immediately, but it takes a while and then it really starts.


Aluminum bucket Workshop fire protection Heat-insulating welding protection blanket Böhler Welding WB Light 1250



I think with just a few euros you can save yourself a lot of money, because a welding protection blanket costs between €50 and €100 and you don’t need to think about the cost of a new workshop or the house, which then suffers as a result, which can burn down, for example.


Another area of application is, for example, when we weld aluminum parts or steel castings that need to cool down slowly. We then wrap the component in a welding blanket after welding and this holds the temperature for a good 3-4 hours, allowing the component to cool down very slowly.


The ceiling is also used a lot in the automotive sector, for example when welding on a vehicle and you don’t want any parts to burn or scorch during welding. Cables, for example, can be covered with this blanket.



Welding protection cover mag welding tig welding aluminum welding steel welding aluminum spoon Böhler Welding



There are simply different areas of application in the workshop where it is used. Of course we also have a video on our YouTube channel, if you want to see the whole thing in pictures, here is the link.




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