Which protective gases are available

Which protective gases are available

Which protective gases are available


Shielding gases in welding: what you need to know to stay cool


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Which protective gases are available





You’ve probably heard of welding, right? It’s that hot process of joining metal parts together to build, repair or embellish things. But what the hell are inert gases and why are they so important? Let’s break it down in a casual, modern style.


Protective gases 101

Imagine you are a welder and you want to weld two pieces of metal together. Cool, right? But here’s the deal: when you heat the metal to melt and bond it, it can react with oxygen from the air. And that’s not cool, because oxygen causes the metal to oxidize (rust) and your weld will be a disaster.


Enter inert gases!

Shielding gases are like bodyguards for your welding process. They shield the metal from oxygen and keep it cool and clean. There are two main types of shielding gases that welders use:


Welding gases directly from the manufacturer Air liquide



1.inert gases: These are the quiet types. They do not react with the metal and are simply there to protect it. Helium and argon are the stars in this category.


2.active gases: These guys are a bit excited and react with the molten metal. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a well-known representative. Active gases can be useful in certain applications, but they can also generate more smoke and splashes.


What you should use


The choice of the right shielding gas depends on your welding project. If you want clean, beautiful weld seams, use inert gas such as argon. If you want to weld something robust, such as in the construction industry, active gas such as CO2 may be your choice.




Shielding gases are like your cool sidekicks when welding. They keep oxygen out and ensure that your weld seams look great. Remember to make the right choice depending on what you want to weld. And carry on, you true metal masters! 💪🔥


Stay cool and weld safely! 😎✌️



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Which protective gases are available


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