Optrel vs. 3M

Optrel vs. 3M

Optrel vs. 3M


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Optrel vs. 3M



“Optrel vs. 3M. This is a topic that is of course very important for all welding fans or anyone who is just about to start welding. Which welding helmet should I actually buy?


The two manufacturers, 3M and Optrel, are of course the big favorites on the market. Now the question arises, which of the two should you choose? My suggestion or approach is always that it is primarily about personal taste.


Neo p550 Optrel | Welding helmet



Which helmet do you like best visually? Because I would say, technically speaking, certain aspects don’t differ too much, similar to welding equipment. Ultimately, handling and appearance play a greater role, as both manufacturers cover certain areas.


One relies on systems such as fresh air supply and external applications, while the other offers different helmets with flip functions so that the helmet can also be used as a grinding visor and much more.


Panoramaxx2.5 black Optrel Panoramaxx2.5 black Optrel

Personally, I’m a big fan of Optrel because I really like the look. I particularly appreciate the headband and it fits my head shape well. I really like the look of their helmets, which is why I’m an Optrel fan and really enjoy working with their helmets.


For me, these are also less bulky and large, but relatively compact and fit well. I also pay a lot of attention to protection against welding fumes. This means that a face mask also fits under the simple helmets to protect against welding fumes.


Optrel RTW e3000X crystal2.0 fresh air helmet silver Optrel e3000x Optrel blower respiratory protection system




The fresh air helmets are of course perfect, as they supply fresh air directly and filter it on the belt. You are also welcome to watch my videos. I’ve made a few, and it’s best if you just decide for yourself.”




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