Optrel welding helmet grinding helmet

Optrel welding helmet grinding helmet

Optrel welding helmet grinding helmet


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Optrel welding helmet grinding helmet


Optrel clearmaxx standard version | sanding mask

“Optrel welding helmet, grinding helmet or visor. What’s the difference and why does it make sense to have a sanding helmet or a sanding mask?


I can explain it to you quite simply. There are two variants. On the one hand, the sanding mask is kept very simple, without fresh air supply. And then there is the variant with fresh air supply. The advantage here is that you have a belt where the ambient air is drawn in and filtered before it enters the helmet. This means you always have filtered, fresh air.

Optrel clearmaxx standard version | sanding mask

You can of course also combine this with a welding helmet. This means you have a bayonet fitting in your hose that you can easily change. This allows you to switch back and forth between welding helmet and grinding helmet.



What is the advantage of this? Basically, it has one big advantage. For example, your area of application is extremely different. I don’t necessarily need it in my everyday life. I find the flip function very practical.

Optrel clearmaxx standard version | sanding mask

This means I have a welding helmet with an integrated flip function, which I can also use to grind for a better view. But for someone who, for example, welds for half a day or a whole day and then only has to grind the next day, the difference in weight between a grinding helmet and a welding helmet is noticeable.

Helix Clt welding helmet black Optrel


This gives you the advantage of a better view. The helmet is lighter and you won’t wear out your more expensive welding helmet as quickly, as this is more expensive than the grinding mask.


Helix quattro with swiss air Optrel

This means that the advantage is definitely comfort, as it is much simpler and lighter. If you only want to use a simple sanding mask, I always recommend wearing a face mask underneath to protect yourself from sanding dust. This fits very well underneath, as I have tested.


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