Optrel welding helmet experience

Optrel welding helmet experience

Optrel welding helmet experience



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Optrel welding helmet experience


For me, the Optrel helmet is an absolutely great welding helmet that is very comfortable to wear and makes my everyday welding life easier.




I would like to share my experience, because as a service provider we weld, mill and grind on a daily basis. This means that we use the helmets every day in our workshop, both myself and my colleague.


Welding aluminum spoon tig welding


A big advantage, in my opinion, is the absolute real color, which means you have a true field of vision without color distortion. This enables excellent work, especially when it comes to aligning certain parts.


Vegaview2.5 Optrel welding helmet


It’s easy and fun because things are clearly recognizable. There are also various head straps. We use special ones, as you can see in the picture, which is very practical as it distributes the weight of the helmet over many points.

Panoramaxx quattro Optrel | welding helmet

IsoFit® headband

This makes it feel as if you are barely wearing a helmet or a very light helmet. This increases wearer comfort, especially during all-day welding.


As I am very interested in the subject of welding fumes, I know that a face mask with a P3 filter also fits under the helmets to protect against welding fumes. Of course, there are also helmets with a fresh air system as an alternative.


Optrel RTW e3000X e3000x Optrel blower respiratory protection system


filtered and fed into your helmet as fresh air. There is also the Swiss Air System, which is more suitable for industry, where you are not only involved in grinding and welding. You can use this system separately from the welding helmet.



These are of course great advantages and a lot of fun to work with. It makes our day-to-day work much easier.



Personally, I work with the Helix welding helmet, which also has a flip function that provides a better field of vision. That’s why I also like to use the helmet for grinding when I’m working on milled or ground parts.”


aluloffel tig welding learning to weld welding


Important protect yourself NOW simply & cheaply from welding fumes!




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