Weldinger welding machine

Weldinger welding machine

Weldinger welding machine



  corrugated welding machine aluminum spoon aluminum welding stainless steel welding tig welding machine up to 1000 Euro



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Is a Weldinger welding machine good and how can they be welded? As cheap as they are, the question is whether they really work well.


This is exactly the question we are addressing and I would like to give you some information about it. We are in a favorable price segment of welding equipment here, where you can get a complete set for 1000 €. Now many people are asking themselves whether these welding machines work at all. Are they really good for welding?

Now of course there are two areas that we have to differentiate between, am I a hobby welder or a professional welder, but even here there are parallels that I can share from my own experience.

Why can I do this and who am I anyway? I have been working with the company for two years and also use the welding machines. We now use five machines in our day-to-day business and we put them through their paces. In other words, since we offer a service and we weld every day, our equipment naturally has to withstand a lot compared to someone who perhaps welds 5-10 times a month as a hobby.

Of course, you have to differentiate between a professional industrial system and a cheap device, that’s quite clear, but you shouldn’t compare the two because it simply doesn’t work. But that doesn’t mean that they weld badly, as I said. We have the WE 206 Weldinger welding machine at our second welding station and we have two MAG machines in our other workshop area, one for welding aluminum and the other for welding steel with thin 0.6 mm wire.

Yes, what can I say, we have been using the Weldinger welding machine for two years without any problems and it is a lot of fun to weld with it. I always use one machine, the WE 2003P, when I’m out and about for welding demonstrations etc., because it’s very small and handy. ACDC welding machine is.



corrugated welding machine aluminum welding acdc alternating current tig welding be welding machine up to 500 euro

For normal things, the devices are super sufficient, you really have enough functions and setting options such as aluminum, balance or pulse function and people are always surprised when they weld with the device how well it works.

These are of course air-cooled appliances with an SR 26 burner. These are things that could be retrofitted or changed, but for starters they are perfectly adequate, as I said, with some accessories that you need as basic equipment, i.e.: additional material, pressure reducer, tungsten electrodes, torch accessories, you are usually under 1000 €, usually even under 900 € depending on what you need and of course how much.

Of course, it’s also cool to see that people like Manfred Welder, also known from YouTube, are welding with the devices and testing them, and that there are now quite a few people on YouTube who work with these devices.


Another important point is that the boss of Weldinger is always trying to optimize and improve the devices, if there is anything that can be done better, he implements it immediately. That makes working together so much fun. Just like the optimal support when it comes to questions or complaints, of course this also happens as with every manufacturer, but it works very well.

I also have some YouTube videos on different Weldinger welding machines. I’ll link a few here and if you ever need support with such a Weldinger welding machine, feel free to contact us, we’ll help you and advise you and put together a great package so that you can finally get started with welding.



MAG welding machine great for at home or in the workshop

Welliger welding machine aluminum spoon mag welding steel welding at home welding machine for thin sheets Welliger welding machine aluminum spoon welding


And if you are just starting out with welding, we even have a very informative and important online course. If you want to get started with aluminum welding and want to know the absolutely most important points for the beginning, we have summarized in an online course that you start without mistakes and get really fast to super good results. The advantage is that you save a lot of time, money and gray hair.

If you are interested in such a Weldinger welding machine and need equipment, we will help you and put together a top package for you. Please contact us by phone or whatsapp 0177/3780761




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