Welding aid for TIG / MAG welding

Welding aid for TIG / MAG welding

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Welding aids for TIG/MAG welding are there to simplify or improve the start to welding, for example, but also for people who have been welding for a long time, welding aids are of course always ideal. You don’t always have three hands at your disposal, or maybe even four, and of course welding aids are always just right for a wide variety of applications.



Yes, but what kind of welding assistants are there now, you ask? -And here I can help and show you a few that will really simplify many things for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. The big advantage is that they are not expensive either, so you can really put them down, even if you only need them rarely.

WELDINGER TIG wire feeder pin for welding rods from 1.0-3.2 mm Welding aid aluminum spoon throw away perforated welding steel welding

This helps you, for example, as a beginner but also as an advanced welder, to optimally feed the random material during TIG welding. The advantage is that it stabilizes the filler material. You can weld it very short, the filler metal, without burning your hands and of course it is also very, very easy to feed the filler metal. So I would say type-dependent, whether it’s for you or not.

For me personally, this is now one of my favorites among the welding aids for TIG/MAG welding

and it really is so simple but so helpful and I’m talking about a burner holder. I can always use it between welding breaks to hang my torch optimally and securely, but I can also place my hosepack over it so that I don’t have the weight on my wrist and can therefore weld more easily. The advantage of having this part is that I no longer break my burner necks so often.

WIg welding torch holder wig welding aluminum spoon welding welding tools


Number three would be a magnetic mass holder, i.e. a magnet that you can attach to your steel part, with copper in the middle. This is a clamp that presses on a flat part of a component and allows you to optimally attach your dimensions to a component for welding without the need for a dimension clamp. We often use it, for example, when we use parts that are painted, such as tanks, where we only need to plank a small area. You often have components where a ground clamp simply won’t reach or unfortunately leaves small paint damage at the points.

mass magnet weldinger aluminum spoon welding steel welding throw away tank welding

While we’re on the subject of magnets, I also think it’s worth mentioning the magnetic angles. If you now want to weld a steel frame together and at the same time want it to hold plus you want to have a right angle of course, the magnetic brackets are easy to insert and make the whole thing easier for optimal filing.



I have to say that we use magnets like this very often when we need to attach a sheet somewhere, so you can align it perfectly if it’s made of steel, of course. Or I take the magnetic brackets, place them on my welding table and can lean a component against them or change the height – also very cool.

Mass magnet 45 degree 90 degree angle steel welding mag welding frame welding tig welding aluminum bucket

The last thing I recommend is the third hand and yes, this is often needed because you simply lack a third hand very often and it is so easy to use & the idea that you should just have it. It has often saved my day when I want to align certain things or so it goes very quickly.


VIG finger third hand aluminum spoon welder tools




So I think these were really very cool points and if we all do the math here, we’re not even close to 100 € and I think you can add things like this to your workshop equipment for that.



If you would like more tips and tricks on the subject of welding, please contact us. Then be sure to check out our social media channels e.g. Youtube, Instagram, FaceBook ect.





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