TIG torch accessories – What is important?

TIG torch accessories – What is important?

TIG torch accessories



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TIG torch accessories is this actually important or is it negligible. That’s exactly what I’m going to go into and give you my experience from 10 years of welding.



In general, of course, the right burner accessories are very important. Depending on the welding task, the accessories should be adapted accordingly and it is also very important that the TIG torch accessories are regularly replaced or perhaps cleaned. Because cleanliness is very important in tig welding.


Now it’s best to differentiate between the materials, and I would make a category for aluminum. So TIG torch accessories for aluminum welding. I exchanged ideas with other aluminum welders, as we have many years of experience in this field. And have found that the simple ceramic nozzle size five is completely sufficient for aluminum welding because, for example, the gas coverage here is completely sufficient in the normal range and no more is needed as with stainless steel.

SR 26 Burner


Aluminum spoon torch box wig welding wig torch accessories ceramic nozzle tungsten electrode
SR9 Burner

Aluminum spoon Torch box wig welding Aluminum welding wig welding accessories Tungsten electrode Ceramic nozzle



Another advantage of the five-nozzle is that it is very small, so I can get everywhere very easily.

When it comes to tungsten electrodes, it has to be said that there are different tastes or welding types. Therefore, it is not possible to generalize 100% and every welding machine harmonizes differently with a tungsten electrode. I have two favorites for welding aluminum. This is the green tungsten electrode, which I really like to use because it has a very good carotene formation, which I really enjoy when welding and which produces a super flake when welding.

Aluminum welding

wig-wolf-frame-electrode-wp-alu welding wig welding aluminum spoon green-24x175-mm-10-piece
Ideal for cast aluminum or magnesium welding.

aluminum welding tig welding cast aluminum welding tig-wolf-frame-electrode-wzr-white-10-32-mm-weldinger.

Stainless steel or steel welding

Tungsten electrode stainless steel welding steel welding Wig-wolframelektrode-wl-15-gold-24x175-mm-10-stueck




Cleanliness is also very important with the tungsten electrode, so that the gas is correct after a certain amount of time and if the needle breaks off once it has entered the molten bath, the carotte will form again. A little tip: please always test the Karlotte on another aluminum or copper part so that you can work perfectly on your welding part.

The whole thing looks different with stainless steel, here I use a different burner accessory. This gives me various advantages, such as better cooling of the weld seam. You’ve probably seen this before: if the weld seam turns dark black, it burns and you can prevent this with the right gas nozzle, for example. For this I use a gas lens with a larger ceramic nozzle to simply improve the gas coverage.

The advantage of large ceramic nozzles is that you do not necessarily have to increase your gas flow rate. Unless you want a longer stick out, i.e. if you want to take your tungsten electrode out of the gas lens again. Then you can increase this by 2-3 liters.

You will also notice that the melting bath runs much better with such a tungsten electrode.


And for steel, I have to say that I also like to use a larger nozzle. Even if others say it is not absolutely necessary here. I also find that it works better here, for example the melting bath, which makes things a lot easier for me. For stainless steel and steel welding I use the golden tungsten electrode, which is ground at an angle of about 45°, i.e. the tip is not too long. The grinding direction is always towards the tip, not against the tip.

Another TIG torch accessory is the torch cap, which is located at the back of the torch. They are available in three lengths, so you have the advantage that if you need to get into tight spaces, for example, you can use the very short torch cap and thus have a very, very small torch and can get into many tight spaces much more easily. A small disadvantage is that you have to shorten the tungsten electrode – a little tip from me: I always keep short tungsten electrodes. So you don’t have to cut up a new tungsten electrode.

Yes, then I hope I was able to help you a little further here, please feel free to watch our videos and subscribe to our channels. Then you will always be up to date and always have new welding tips, we look forward to hearing from you.



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