Cut-off wheels for angle grinders

Cut-off wheels for angle grinders

Cut-off wheels for angle grinders



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Which cut-off wheels for angle grinders are the best?


One of the most commonly used tools, whether in large companies or at home as a hobbyist, is the angle grinder. Regardless of whether it is battery-powered or powered, this is definitely a tool that is used a lot.


The question then naturally arises as to which grinding wheel to use for which materials. Is there an all-rounder that you can use? That would of course be a simple matter for many people.


Rather than always having to change the disks. Of course, there are many manufacturers on the market with a wide variety of products.

What is the difference between the abrasives? The most important thing, of course, is the service life of a disk. So the question is, how long does such a wheel last if I use it for grinding or cutting?


Here I have to say quite clearly, it depends on whether I take a cheap no-name disk or something from a good manufacturer who puts a lot of time and money into the service life.


That is the big difference, namely that the large companies do a lot of testing and experimenting and gain long-term experience in order to be able to offer their customers the best possible grinding or cutting discs for angle grinders. It goes without saying that these disks cost a little more, but in relation to how well they work, that’s completely okay.


Yes, of course you have to differentiate a bit between the materials I want to cut – aluminum, steel, stainless steel, stone, concrete and so on.

Norton has really put out a cool record here. The disc is called Multi, not without reason, because you can really cut almost anything with this disc. We work very closely with Norton and have been testing their products for a very long time. Among other things, the multi-disc and it’s really great fun to work with, because the tool life is very long and it doesn’t matter what material we’re working with.


Cut aluminum bucket Multi material cut-off wheel




Of course, you also notice the difference when you use a cut-off wheel directly for aluminum, for example, because the material can of course be cut a little differently and therefore this wheel naturally works better. However, this does not mean that the other disk does not work, but perhaps just differently.






With Norton I definitely like the price-performance ratio, what I get for my money there is simply great. Just take a look at the video of my cut-off wheels below. There I showed some of the things we do with the disks.


On Youtube we show a lot of cool things check it out


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