Welding without suction

Welding without suction

Welding without suction




Hey welding fans, hello,




Welding without suction






This is a very important issue for me, because it concerns our health and I cannot approve of welding without extraction.



Welding without extraction is extremely unhealthy because welding releases toxic gases that are not good for our bodies. Of course, a sweat extraction system is not very cheap, but it really is a great advantage.



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Kemper extraction aluminum bucket welding fume





If you don’t want to make these investments, I still recommend welding in a well-ventilated room. Of course, so that it does not displace your shielding gas, but so that you add oxygen to the room. This is good for you because the argon, i.e. the protective glass, also removes the oxygen from the room.




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You really shouldn’t take this lightly, there have been serious accidents with this kind of situation.



There is another very simple thing and that is called a face mask, these are really not expensive and cost between 30 and 50 €. I would definitely recommend it to you. Also put one in here below, buy one of these parts, the filters are available directly for welding gases.


The product I’m linking you to also fits very well under a welding helmet. I’ve always worn a face mask plus suction almost from the start.


Welding without extraction


Especially in the evening, you notice what the vapors and gases do to your body. For me it’s like this now, when I’m just doing a stapler, I first notice how strong the smell is when I’m welding because I’m so used to my mouthguard.


So think about your health and get one of these


Important protect yourself NOW simply & cheaply from welding fumes!

7005-01_9120-01_product-01-0816-300x245.jpgGuardian Air Kit with Guardian50FM Air flip-up welding helmet (matt blue) with fresh air supply



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Welding without suction


I hope I was able to help you a little with this article on welding without suction. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. Welding without suction is the daily topic there

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