Grinding and polishing stainless steel

Grinding and polishing stainless steel

Grinding and polishing stainless steel








Grinding and polishing stainless steel


Aluminum spoon welding cutting grinding craft


Stainless steel is a great material and widely used for the simple reason that it does not rust. As we all know, it is not 100% true that this material can also rust due to flash rust etc. But today it’s all about grinding stainless steel Stainless steel has a certain grind when it is ground.




If you are now welding the material and want to remove the weld seam, for example, you need certain Technology and certain tools with which you can do this best.




First, I would list the tools you can use to do this. A satin finishing machine with a wide roller is available in different versions and price ranges.



But most of you will certainly have an angle grinder and there are attachments for that. I use it myself and am extremely satisfied with it. Of course, it is important that the angle grinder speed is adjustable.

Learn polishing easily at home with an online course. We have summarized all the tips from sanding professional Holger Kubelka in a few videos.


Polishing grinding alu aluminum spoon online course learn to grind onlineOnline grinding course Stainless steel & steel grinding Learn to grind aluminum spoons online


You can already work really well with this technique – now you just need the right flap discs or rollers.



One more recommendation and that is the fan disks, which I think are really great. We also buy all our welding accessories here



Grinding and polishing stainless steel

Norton X-Treme R860 disc flap discs




The first step is to pre-grind, i.e. the rough weld seam is removed with an angle grinder and a flap disc. When you are sanding now, you have to make sure that you sand in the direction of the cut of the profile, usually along the profile. Then the finishing touches are much easier.



Now we work with the large roller, here I would recommend at least 60 K sandpaper.

And finally, a special roller for the finish.


Aluminum spoon ratinier roller stainless steel polishing grinding Beatrix rollers Norton for satin finishing machines




If you now want to sand the profile, you don’t have to turn the angle grinder down all the way, but ideally to speed three or four. This is my experience, if you choose a setting that is too low, the reel will jump. Or the sandpaper moves off the roller.



Yes, and as I said, the finsih is made with the special roller. It has fleece sandpaper in the roll, in alternation, which polishes it and also makes the transition very nice.



Beartex roll sanding fleece polishing stainless steel sanding



Of course, that’s something you have to practise and get a feel for first. At the beginning it is often the case that you have to re-weld because there may be a depression somewhere in the weld seam and it doesn’t look nice at this point.



Yes, and as an absolute tip and trick for grinding and polishing stainless steel, do not use any stainless steel cleaning agents at the end. The best & easiest is simply baby oil. Just give it a try, we’ve been working with it for a good ten years and it’s really great.






Other cleaning agents usually contain something that damages or roughens the surface, and that shouldn’t happen here.



Because it is also important to know that with stainless steel the passivation layer must always form on its own, which is the advantage of stainless steel for rust protection.



Anyone who knows me knows that there is usually a YouTube video about it, so here is the link to my video. You can also find a video on this topic there. Have fun with it, I hope I was able to help you a little further with this topic. Take a look at my channels.



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Grinding and polishing stainless steel


I hope I was able to help you with this article on polishing stainless steel. I would be delighted to receive your feedback.


And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. The daily focus there is on welding, grinding and polishing stainless steel

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