TIG welding too much gas

TIG welding too much gas

TIG welding too much gas




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TIG welding too much gas



What can actually happen if you use too much gas during TIG welding?




First of all, we have to differentiate between what we are welding, whether aluminum, stainless steel or steel. With stainless steel, for example, it is not a problem; I would even recommend welding with a little more gas coverage. However, this can also be achieved with a large gas lens and gas nozzle.




With stainless steel, the weld seam cools better with more gas and the weld pool also runs much better and more smoothly. So too much gas doesn’t do anything for stainless steel, except perhaps for your wallet, because the gas bottle doesn’t last as long.


aluminum spoon gas welding gas weldinger-pro-pressure-reducer-brass-for-shielding-gas-argon-co2-reusable-cylinders




I would say almost the same with steel, although you don’t need as much as with stainless steel, but it certainly doesn’t do any harm.



With aluminum it’s different, we did the test here and noticed that with aluminum the weld pool becomes too unstable if you weld with too much gas and it basically doesn’t work any better.



The only time I use more gas when welding aluminum is when I use a very small ceramic can so that I have enough protective glass on the weld pool, otherwise I weld a maximum of between 8 and 10 liters.


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Yes, which gas do I use? We use argon 4.6, which is actually quite sufficient here. Of course, there are also other shielding gases that are even better suited for stainless steel, for example. But you have to see whether it’s worth it and whether you really do it that much. As I said, the 4.6 works very well for everything and is also reasonably priced.




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