Welding cast manifolds

Welding cast manifolds

Welding cast manifolds



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Welding cast manifolds

Flame spraying aluminum spoon elbow repair repair welding material apply metal powder

“Cast elbow welding – an often overlooked solution. Many people don’t know it, but welding cast parts is definitely possible. I wouldn’t say it works 100%, because unfortunately there are alloys or materials that don’t weld well or at all.


Nevertheless, I would say that 98 out of 100 parts can definitely be repaired. There are exceptions, but the majority can be welded successfully. For example, we have already successfully welded over 200 parts.

Flame spraying aluminum spoon elbow repair repair welding material apply metal powder


For this special welding process, I recommend the electrode process, especially with the UTP8 electrode. This pure nickel electrode has proven to be extremely effective.




A slag hammer is also required to remove the tension. Before welding, the crack must be properly cleaned and milled out. The weld seam should never be ground afterwards to ensure stability.

Slag hammer all-steel Slag hammer


It is crucial to weld in small steps of no more than 10 to 15 millimeters to avoid cracking. The entire process should be carried out as cold as possible, and the slag hammer plays an important role in releasing the stresses.


This procedure is quite feasible and I will attach a video.



If the welding method doesn’t work, there is always the option of flame spraying, which I have already written about in a previous blog post (which I will link to). Be sure to check it out. Both videos are attached below. This means that we can definitely save and repair your classic car part. Feel free to get in touch with us.”




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