Welding burns

Welding burns

Welding burns




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Welding burns



Welding burns are definitely dangerous



Unfortunately, burns can occur from time to time during welding. It is really important that you get into the habit of having routines to counteract the burns. Of course, it is clear that we are working with high temperatures here, where, as I said, it can happen from time to time, but you can prevent the whole thing very well and keep it to a minimum.


Why a welding blanket


In the TIG welding process, there is perhaps one point where you are less likely to get burned, and that is the spatter, as is the case with mag welding or electrode welding, for example.


This is not only about the direct hot burn, but also about the burning of the skin by the strong UV rays. The UV rays are so strong that we can burn our skin if we do not protect our skin from them.



This definitely means long sleeves, i.e. sweaters and long trousers, and of course welding gloves. Here I always recommend welding gloves with a long shaft, because it can happen that you rest your arms on the hot component and if the gloves are too short, you can burn your forearms.




MIG/MAG welding gloves wig sweat



I have also gotten into the habit of always wearing my welding gloves when I go to the welding table. It is precisely because of things like this that you often burn your fingers because the component is still too warm and you touch it thinking it has already cooled down.



Another important note is that you have to pay attention to the reflections. So, for example, with shiny sheet metal like aluminum, but also with very light-colored fabrics, with a sweater, I have already experienced burning my neck.



ABC 12 kg powder fire extinguisher


The advantage is my fresh air helmet, which is completely closed at the bottom so that nothing can reach my neck.






I definitely recommend special protective clothing for mag and electrode welding, as the spatter can of course cause a lot more damage. There is also a lot more equipment such as a welder’s apron or headgear especially for mag welding.



In short, the right workwear is an absolute must-have. So take care of your health and never sweat in a T-shirt, even if you see other people doing it all the time. The UV rays here are just as harmful as those from the sun, except that they are even closer to us.




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Welding burns





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