Welding gloves

Welding gloves


Welding gloves




Hey sweat fan greetings,

Which welding gloves are the right ones?

Yes, that’s a difficult question, you basically just need some experience and have already tested a few. However, for many people the subject of gloves is not so important, indeed the price is decisive, that the gloves are not too expensive, because every welder knows that the gloves are of course the first thing to break.


Of course, you have to bear in mind that the welding gloves are also exposed to a great deal of stress due to the extreme heat during welding. This means that the glove, which is not good, gets tighter and smaller and becomes deformed. The problem then arises that the glove can no longer be used properly and gripping the torch or filler material becomes increasingly difficult.

Aluminum spoon wig gloves welding gloves böhler-welding-gloves-wig



I now have my four favorite pairs of sweat gloves, which I would like to show you, because I am extremely enthusiastic about them, I have been sweating for nine years now and have really tested some gloves.

Why the differences now?

Yes, it just depends on what you do. I simply find thinner gloves more comfortable to work with when WAY welding, because I often have components where I have to align something or touch something small, which simply doesn’t work well with coarse gloves.





And then there are also thicker gloves, which have the advantage that if you are MAG welding or TIG welding very hot, for example, you have the advantage that you can weld for much longer because the heat does not reach your hand so quickly.



mag gloves mag welding gloves aluminum spoon welding gloves-mig-mag Böhler



The fact that the welding gloves are also made of stronger material means that they can naturally withstand a lot for longer. In contrast, the thin welding gloves are naturally more sensitive and do not last as long in the steel construction sector.




That’s why I would always say that you have to make a distinction and if you simply have different sweat gloves for 2-3 possible variants, these three will of course last much longer.







The welding gloves are actually in the affordable price range between €10 and €20

Curious?- Here below is a link to the video where you can watch it directly



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