Electrode welding

Electrode welding

Electrode welding




Hey welding fan,

Yes Electrode Welding

still lives on and is still used in many areas of application. I get the question from time to time, do people still use electrode welding? -And what is this actually useful for?



I still find electronic welding to be optimal in certain areas. I think everyone who has a house and yard knows what I mean. This welding process is simply perfect if you need to make a quick repair somewhere.


The big advantage is that no shielding gas is required, which means handling is extremely easy. All you need is the welding machine, electrodes and protective equipment. Okay, I forgot one more thing, of course you also need electricity, but an extension cable is easy to put somewhere.

aluminum spoon electrode welder set-weldinger-ew201dig-pro-digital-electrode-welding-inverter-helmet-ah-300-electrode-hammer-gloves



Imagine you had to carry your MAG welding machine into the garden, plus the gas cylinder. To carry out a short repair welding there. This effort would simply be far too enormous.

Electrode welding, for example, is perfect for this. It must also be said that it is naturally very resistant to environmental influences. This means that if, for example, there is wind or the component is a little dirty, for example with paint or galvanized, the electrode welding process is very forgiving.

In contrast to MAG or WiG, optimum welding preparation must always be ensured so that the result is also optimum.

It also has to be said, of course, that the whole thing is very inexpensive to buy. You can already get a great offer here as a complete set from 150 – 200 € and that is of course a good financial start for a hobby welder or someone who wants to do it at home.

So I would say that electrode welding is still just as popular as it used to be. Simply great to use in certain areas.



The cool thing is that you can also find everything you need for electrode welding here. ➡️ Weldinger


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