Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet long-term experience

Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet long-term experience

Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet long-term experience




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Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet long-term experience

Why is a fresh air helmet so important?



I’ve been using the fresh air helmet from Böhler Welding for some time now and I can tell you right away that I’m extremely enthusiastic and wouldn’t want to give it up.

We should all be aware that the smoke and fumes produced during welding are not healthy. I don’t think many people are aware of what they actually do to the body. The first thing you notice is of course the strong smell, if you no longer notice it, that doesn’t mean it’s not there, it just means you’ve gotten used to it.


Relatively at the beginning, I decided to always weld with a face mask. This is of course a very inexpensive alternative, which already makes a big difference. In addition, of course, always ventilate the room well, so you can definitely take good care of your health as a hobby welder or occasional welder.

In the meantime, because we weld every day, we have a Kemper extraction system and a Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet that we use for welding. Now I’ve often heard that I’m exaggerating. But of course, you are directly above the sweat bath with your head, so the fresh air helmet helps me. The extraction system sucks in what I don’t breathe in and what would otherwise be normally distributed in the room.

At some point, of course, you take your helmet off or other people walk through the workshop and they also need to be protected.

Now back to the helmet, as I said I wouldn’t want to give it back and I got used to it extremely quickly. Of course it’s something you have to get used to. You have a belt that you have to strap on, plus a tube on your back. But I think you can accept that given the benefits it brings.

fresh air helmet Böhler Welding guardian 62 aluminum bucket welding helmet

I had to get used to a little way of taking off the helmet or the belt and then taking it off, but I quickly found an idea and always leave my belt directly in the chair and I put the Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet on the welding machine.

Another really cool feature of the Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet is that I can leave the helmet itself on, but raise the welding shield so that I have a wider field of vision and can therefore work better in between, for example, or grind with the angle grinder.

A super function for me, i.e. I can leave my welding helmet on when welding or flexing and am always well protected against anything unhealthy.


Welding aluminum spoons


I also find the battery life extremely good, I only have to charge it once or twice a week. Depending on how much I weld. Of course, you have to mention the price-performance ratio, because this helmet is one of the cheapest in this category, which I think is really great.

To be honest, it also looks very cool

Apart from that, there are of course all the accessories you need for the Böhler Guardian 62 fresh air helmet. You can buy everything relatively cheaply, such as the filters or new lenses for the helmet.

My feedback is that it is an absolutely great helmet for the price-performance ratio and every welder should really have one.

The helmet can also be found in our store, and of course at a cool condition price. So why not take a look?


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