Welding a motorcycle tank

Welding a motorcycle tank

Welding a motorcycle tank


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Tank welding motorcycle!




It is generally possible to weld the tank on your motorcycle yourself, but there are a few important points to bear in mind:


  1. Cleaning: Make sure that the inside of the tank is completely clean. This is important to remove flammable gases and avoid potential hazards. Clean the tank thoroughly before you start welding.
  2. Outgassing: Even if the tank has already been cleaned, allow it to outgas over several days to ensure that there are no flammable gases left. You can also fill the tank with argon gas to ensure additional safety
  3. Welding process: The MAG welding process (MIG/MAG) is well suited for welding the tank. The advantage of this is that the wire comes directly from the burner and less heat is introduced into the tank. It is best to use a 0.6 mm wire, as this makes reworking easier.
  4. Leak test: After welding, you should check the tank for leaks. This can be done using compressed air and leak detection spray. This allows you to identify and repair leaks.
  5. Sealing: To protect the tank from rust and ensure long-term tightness, you can treat the inside of the tank twice with a special sealant.



Motorcycle tank sealing set for up to 10 liters



It is important to note that welding the tank involves certain risks and certain safety precautions must be taken. If you are not sure or do not have the necessary equipment, I recommend that you seek professional help. It is also advisable to observe the local rules and regulations for welding work on vehicles.




If you need help or do not want to repair the tank yourself, you are welcome to contact a specialized workshop that has experience in repairing motorcycle tanks.


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Welding a motorcycle tank




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