Turntable welding

Turntable welding

Turntable welding




Turntable welding, what is the benefit?




I would like to share my experiences with you. I have now bought a table for welding and have tested it extensively. I work together with the company German Welding Tool. They have their own turntable, which is really, really compact and cool.


Special offer Mini turntable welding Tube welding Aluminum bucket
Special offer mini turntable


I didn’t think this thing would be so great and I’m really annoyed that I only have one now. I had a job where I had to weld an anchor plate to a piece of pipe. It was really amazing how quickly and, above all, consistently the whole thing worked.



First of all, it works very evenly and quickly, so that I was able to weld several pipes in quick succession. The weld seams are also very stylish and look extremely similar. This has the advantage that if you weld several hundred parts, the parts all look very similar.


Special offer mini turntable
Special offer mini turntable


I used to do all the work and then turn all the parts by hand. Of course, this is nothing fun and doesn’t generate a super cool look. I think we all agree that as welders, we always want to create the best possible weld seam.



In any case, it is extremely possible with such a turntable. I’m really annoyed that I’ve only just got this turntable. The problem with turning the pipes by hand, for example, is that you always have to put the torch down, of course, because with filler material you have to hold the torch and still turn it.


This means that you always have to restart the burner and this can of course also be seen on the weld seam. In any case, I was extremely impressed with the result, which is why I will only use this part now.

Special offer mini turntable
Special offer mini turntable



I also recorded my first test in a video. You are welcome to take a look at this and get an overview of the small compact part. One very important note. I work together with German Welding Tools and have the great advantage of being able to pass on a 5% voucher to you.


This means you can save 5% on the whole store at German Welding Tools.





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Turntable welding

I hope my article on welding turntables has helped you. Take a look at my free tig welding tips HERE


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