Turntable with drive

Turntable with drive

Turntable with drive



Greetings from Schweißfan,




Rotary table with drive, a relief for every welder.




I’ve now had the pleasure of testing one of these cool turntables while welding.


Special offer mini turntable
Special offer mini turntable


I have to say, it’s absolutely amazing how quickly you can weld pipe parts, for example. Not only the fast welding is a great story, but also the side effect that the weld seam looks super good and consistent. For me, a welding table has a lot of advantages and is a lot of fun.



I think it almost doesn’t matter whether you are a hobby welder or a professional welder. As soon as you have to weld any pipes, it simply makes extreme sense to use such a turntable. I tested a welding turntable from the company German Wedding Tools.


Special offer mini turntable
Special offer mini turntable

The part is really extremely small and flexible and I can attach it anywhere on my welding table. I have the advantage of being able to adjust it in the way that works best for me.




In other words, how I want to position my forearm or how it is easiest for me to hold the torch in order to weld an optimally beautiful weld seam. Of course, it also depends on the component and I would say that with the option to adjust it, you can make things as easy as possible for yourself.




Since I offer services, it is of course always important for me to keep the whole thing effective in terms of time and that is extremely the case here. I’m much faster and of course have a super nice result at the same time and if you have several pieces, for example 50-100 pieces, you actually manage to make them all look the same 95% of the time. In other words, something perfect for the eye.


Special offer mini turntable
Special offer mini turntable


For me, the question is always, do you really have to have all the accessories? In my opinion, you don’t have to if you can’t use it. But even if I only need it five or ten times a year, it’s definitely worth buying.




I tested it extensively and of course made a video about it.


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Turntable with drive


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