Aluminum welding pulse

Aluminum welding pulse

Aluminum welding pulse




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Aluminum welding pulse perfect for …




Many people are very interested in the topic of pulsing when welding aluminum. Why is that? And why is it really so important for welding? I think it always depends on what type of welder you are: are you a fast welder, are you a slow welder and what kind of components do you weld?


I, for example, am a service provider, want to work relatively quickly and have relatively few settings and make my pulse quasi manual by switching the burner on and off. But that’s also because I do a lot of repair welding.



I find pulse in the area when you are building material, a sheet, a tank, for example, and want the weld seam to run. I think Puls is very good here, because it has two advantages. First of all, you have a very cool look and with the current peaks you get very deep into the material and always have a root at the point. For example, we like to pulse weld tanks or containers and just let the whole thing run.



The advantage of pulse welding is. If you are still relatively new to aluminum welding, you can adjust the pulse very easily. In other words, you have your peak pulse and your lower pulse. You basically have 2 ampere values between which the pulse jumps back and forth.



This has the advantage that the component remains cooler and you don’t have to weld quite as quickly. If you weld without a pulse, you have to weld faster towards the end, when the heat is in the component, so that the weld seam appearance remains the same. This is actually the great advantage of the pulse function, which is why it is so popular.




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