Aluminum welding setting

Aluminum welding setting

Aluminum welding setting


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Aluminum welding setting, which is correct?




The right setting for aluminum welding. This is a question that I get extremely often. Of course, it’s not that easy to answer. Why is that? One is the different welding machines, which have different setting options and the parameters are not the same from one welding machine to another.



The next thing is your welding behavior. In other words, you have your own style of welding and I, for example, can have a completely different one. For example, I sweat very quickly. But maybe that’s also because I’m a service provider and weld for my customers every day.



My very hot tip is to take some time every now and then to test the settings of the welding machine to get a feel for which setting improves things for me.





Of course, you can simply provide basic settings that are repeated over and over again and that can basically remain the same. This is something like, I always set the gas preflow time to 0.5 seconds.


I have set the rise time to the welding current relatively low at 0.2 the lowering time, which has to be tested a little. Again, this varies from device to device. I am different at about 0.4 seconds and the gas after current time is important that the electrode is protected from oxygen until the end, almost as long as it glows. This can sometimes be 4-6 seconds. Make sure that your tungsten electrode is always nice and clean and shiny.



I usually set the heart rate between 60 and 80 Hz. Here, of course, it depends on what you are welding. When I throw used aluminum, I go further down with the number of hearts. I always recommend trying out the balance from the center to see which direction works best with your welding machine.


I can tell you that the more in the minus range, the more stable it is, the more in the plus range you are, the more cleaning effect you have.


You already have a few good basic settings here. For even more tips, I have a PDF for you below with the ten most important guide tips. If you would like to see the whole thing in video form, that is of course also possible. I’m attaching another video, have fun with it!



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Aluminum welding setting



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