Spot welding gun

Spot welding gun

Spot welding gun



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Spot welding gun


Welding is a topic that plays an important role not only in our workshop, but also in the world of car bodywork. There are various welding processes, depending on the individual requirements. We recently had the opportunity to repair the bodywork on a BMW M3 with our friends from HauliHaul.


Kusi soldering was used for this project, as BMW original parts are often connected using the Kusi process.

Vevor spot welding gun Car body spot welding

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We also had to use sheet metal and body parts. Our spot-welding gun was a great help here. The advantages of a spot-welding gun are enormous. It not only saves time, but also delivers extremely precise results, requires no reworking and enables clean work.


with each other. Only the base material is used without any filler material. This method is extremely efficient compared to the more complex method of hole punching and subsequent Mack welding with laborious grinding.



Vevor spot welding gun Car body spot welding Vevor spot welding gun Car body spot welding Vevor spot welding gun Car body spot welding


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Nowadays, spot-welding guns are affordable and often come with a wide range of accessories. This is important, because you can’t reach all areas of complex car bodies with just two attachments. It is advisable to purchase additional accessories to work efficiently on hard-to-reach areas such as wheel arches.



Using a spot-welding gun is very simple and I have created a video that you can watch below. You will also find the link to the recommended device in the text. I wish you every success with your welding projects and lots of fun!



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