Tungsten electrode grinder

Tungsten electrode grinder

Tungsten electrode grinder



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Tungsten electrode grinder



Tungsten electrodes and the art of grinding


Hey fellow welders! Today we take a look at tungsten electrodes and the advantages of a grinder. Yes, a tungsten electrode grinder costs a few euros, but what’s the point?



Tungsten electrodes must always be perfectly ground, and this has a huge impact on the arc, the weld pool and the quality of your welding. The better the electrode is ground, the better your welding behavior and your welding results will be.

Inelco die grinder Ultima-TIG-Cut Inelco Ultima-TIG Inelco


There are various ways to grind tungsten electrodes. Many people are familiar with the angle grinder or a bench grinder. But then there are also those who do it by hand, which is quite dangerous.


In addition, grinding tungsten produces dust that is harmful to health. It lands on the floor and can be inhaled later – you should avoid this at all costs. This is why a closed grinding system for tungsten electrodes is a smart choice.


It is important that the cut always goes in the direction of the tip. The finer the cut, the more stable the arc. The tip of the tungsten electrode remains intact for longer, which means that the arc remains steady and even. Rough grinding leads to fraying of the tip and welding becomes unpleasant.

  Grinding machine for tungsten electrodes Ultima-TIG-Cut Inelco   Grinding machine for tungsten electrodes

A grinder not only provides quality, but also quantity. It makes sanding faster, more consistent and always perfect. There are two important aspects here: You can weld nicer and better, which improves the quality of your work, and you protect your health from the dangerous grinding dust.



Invest in a good tungsten electrode grinder – it will take your welding game to the next level and optimize your results. Happy welding!



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Tungsten electrode grinder


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