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MAG burner

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MAG burner


MIG/MAG welding torch MR 501D


Hello, welder friends! Today we are immersing ourselves in the exciting world of MAG burners. The MAG torch is a real workhorse in MAG welding, which is why choosing the right torch is crucial. But hey, there’s a lot to choose from, so let’s go through what’s going on.



The size of the mag torch depends on how long you weld and how many amps you start with. There is a suitable colleague for every job. Let’s take the MB-15 burner. This is the little buddy, ideal for thin sheet metal welding and tank repairs with sheet thicknesses up to around 1.5 mm. It stays cool because we don’t work with heat guns. Small, handy and a lot of fun!


MIG/MAG welding torch MR 15 AK


Then we have the MB-25-Mag burner, the middle brother, so to speak. Perfect when we are chasing between 100 and 200 amps through the cables. This is standard when we build frames or weld sheet metal.

MIG/MAG welding torch MR 25


And then comes the big MAG burner, the MB-36 burner. We pull it out when it comes to MIG welding, especially with aluminum. It has to swallow and release a lot of heat. Big is simply better here.


MIG/MAG welding torch MR 36 KD/4m

And don’t forget the water-cooled mag burners, from 200 amps and when you’re in a sweaty mood for hours on end. This will keep your burner happy and prevent the power nozzles from burning out all the time.

MIG/MAG welding torch MR 501D MIG/MAG welding torch MR 501D


And don’t forget the difference between MIG and MAG! As already mentioned, it is crucial to choose the right torch, especially when welding aluminum. If you go over 200 amps, water-cooled work is a must to ensure the durability of your torch. Aluminum is particularly delicate, so we recommend using the largest burner.



Well, we’re also talking about the hosepack lengths. When MIG welding aluminum, it is advisable to choose a short hosepack, as the wire is very soft and does not tolerate kinks.


Usually four to five meters is fine, but remember to take your requirements into account. If you are working on a large welding table or are out and about in the workshop and have longer distances, adjust the length accordingly so that you can work efficiently.

MIG/MAG welding torch MR 36 KD/4m


For TIG welding, for example, I prefer an eight-meter-long torch so that I can really get anywhere and make my work as effortless as possible. We offer a selection of burners, and you are welcome to watch our videos. We also regularly upload content to our social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube. Stop by and stay up to date!


That’s it, friends! When choosing your MAG torch, it all depends on the job. Whether you choose the small, the medium or the big buddy, the main thing is that you weld safely and efficiently. Keep on welding! 🔥



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