Ruko step drill

Ruko step drill

Ruko step drill


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Ruko step drill


ULTIMATECUT step drill set HSS

Perfection in the workshop: Ruko step drill saves time and money



In the workshop, it is extremely important to have the right tool for the job, whatever the project. When it comes to drilling holes, a conventional drill is often used, and that’s perfectly fine.


But have you ever considered a step drill? A Ruko step drill can take the way you drill to a whole new level.



The main advantage of a step drill is obvious: you only need one drill bit instead of several. This is extremely practical not only in the workshop, but also on the construction site and especially for anyone on a tight budget. With a step drill, you can easily drill holes in different sizes without having to lug around several drills.

ULTIMATECUT step drill set HSS


Let’s assume you are on a building site and have to drill holes of different sizes. Instead of taking a whole set of drill bits with you, a step drill bit from M5 to M14 is completely sufficient. You can produce a wide range of hole sizes with a single drill bit. This not only saves time, but also money and protects the environment, as less packaging and tools are required.



We have carried out numerous extreme tests with step drills and are impressed by their performance. Below you will find a video in which we go into the topic in more detail. We also offer a selection of step drills in our store.


The best thing about it? We work with the renowned German company Ruko, a manufacturer that puts quality and precision first. Because for us, “Made in Germany” is more than just a label – it is a promise of quality and durability.


ULTIMATECUT step drill set HSS

In today’s world, where value is placed on origin and quality, a step drill from Ruko is the perfect addition to your tool collection. Get a step drill today and experience how it revolutionizes your drilling experience.



We are proud to offer these high-quality tools and know that you will be as impressed with their performance as we are.



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