Cutting aluminum with Flex

Cutting aluminum with Flex

Cutting aluminum with Flex




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Cutting aluminum with the angle grinder




You have an aluminum profile and would like to cut it with the Flex? Is that possible, are there any problems? Can you just do it like that, I would like to answer that for you now.



Of course, cutting an aluminum profile or sheet metal with an angle grinder is not a problem in principle. In any case, there are special cut-off wheels for this, which make it much easier.


Cutting aluminum with Flex


Cut aluminum bucket Multi material cut-off wheel


For example, there are direct cut-off wheels for aluminum and they make cutting much easier and better. Of course, there are also some tips and tricks to make cutting aluminum even easier.



This can be done by spraying the sheet metal or the cutting wheel with oil or you can also use a wax. Here you extend the service life of the cutting blade by quite a bit. The other advantage is, of course, that it is quicker and easier to cut.



There is really only one problem with the cut-off wheel and that is if you want to weld the area after cutting. Here is the following problem. If you cut the whole thing with the cutting wheel, you will always have abrasion from the cutting wheel in the aluminum.



If you now want to weld the area, remove the abrasion from the cut-off wheel from the material. Which is very bad, of course, because tanks can leak, for example, and pores are generally bad for a weld seam because they simply make it less durable.

aluminum cut-off wheel norton alu bucket alu cut off


So if you want to cut something and then weld it, I recommend a chop saw, a jigsaw or really cutting the whole thing with a handsaw. Snips or tin snips also work, of course. Or what I have recently discovered for myself, a nibbler, which is also great for cutting metal sheets. I’ve attached a video below.


Before scarce nibble sheet metal heavy aluminum spoon toolBefore scarce nibble sheet metal heavy aluminum spoon tool Before scarce nibble sheet metal heavy aluminum spoon tool


This leaves the area metallically bright and you can simply weld it as normal.



I have also made a video about this, with different cut-off wheels. Take a look at the whole thing right now and you’ll see exactly what I mean. For more tips, follow us on Instagram or YouTube.




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Cutting aluminum with Flex




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