Flame spraying exhaust

Flame spraying exhaust

Flame spraying Exhaust



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Flame spraying exhaust is that possible?




Here I have a quick answer, yes you can, and very well too. Why does it work so well? The main advantage of flame spraying is that you apply less heat or less stress to your component. It is also very quick to process. You can fill up large areas of damage really quickly with material.



The topic of flame spraying is very, very interesting in the exhaust manifold area. As I said, such things are normally welded with an electrode at most, but unfortunately this causes more tension and can lead to cracks again.




For flame spraying you need a special torch gun & acetylene oxygen. You probably know this normally from autogenous welding. The difference here is that you can still screw on the metal powder and add the metal powder manually using the so-called gun function.




The preparation is actually, as with everything, make sure that you find the end of the crack and drill out the crack at the end. Here I recommend using a ten or twelve drill bit, because you usually can’t see the end of the rest 100%. The crack itself is of course also milled open, for this I take metal milling cutters and mill the crack completely open once, this can be done to a depth of 2-3 mm, depending on how thick the material is there.



Then you take the gun and preheat the component until it is red-hot and then you start to apply the metal powder bit by bit. Here you really have to make sure that it doesn’t get too hot. Then it runs away too quickly, you have to find the middle way.



As I said, a great solution for repairing cast manifolds. Of course, the burner gun is not quite as cheap, but it works very well. We are also happy to support you with your project or problem. Below you will find a video where we have already repaired a manifold. Take a look at it, see how we do it and feel free to contact us.


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Flame spraying exhaust



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