Cut-off wheel angle grinder metal

Cut-off wheel angle grinder metal

Cut-off wheel angle grinder metal




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Cutting wheel, angle grinder, metal – what is the best way to do this?



You can really do a lot with an angle grinder and a cut-off wheel. Above all in the workshop, it has become a very common tool that is used a lot and can be used very individually. You can actually cut anything very well with a cut-off wheel. Of course, it always depends on the amount of material and how well the person can handle the angle grinder.



There are also different cut-off wheels for the different materials. If you think there are no differences, then I must correct you. Here you can see the very stark difference between the materials. In general, of course, there are huge differences between the manufacturers of cutting-off wheels.





Cut aluminum bucket Multi material cut-off wheel




Here we are talking about service life, depending on how good the disk is, it can withstand several cuts. For example, as inexpensive cut-off wheels.



You can also improve the service life somewhat by simply spraying oil or wax onto the cutting wheel or the component. However, this is only possible if you do not want to weld the area afterwards, as this would be very bad for the welding or for the weld seam. The oil would cause pores to form, which would result in leaks or, of course, fractures that would seal more quickly.



When cutting with an angle grinder, it is important to let the angle grinder cut on its own and not to apply a lot of force and pressure. Firstly, the service life is reduced and shortened considerably. Secondly, the cut becomes crooked.


aluminum cut-off wheel norton alu bucket alu cut off


I would also use the cut-off wheels for aluminum for stainless steel, but for steel I would use a different one and cut the whole thing. Just as with serrated lock washers. In short, distinguish between aluminum / Edletshal and steel discs






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Cut-off wheel angle grinder metal


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