Cutting aluminum with Dremel

Cutting aluminum with Dremel

Cutting aluminum with Dremel



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Cutting aluminum with Dremel




Is it possible to cut aluminum with a Dremel?


Aluminum spoon welding cutting grinding craft


The question can definitely be answered with a yes, of course you can cut aluminum with a Dremel. The question that now arises is what to do with the component afterwards. What should the whole thing be used for and, of course, how effective is it to cut the whole thing with a Dremel?



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The cool thing is, there are a lot of options and attachments for a Dremel that you can use to cut aluminum. Let me put it this way, there really is everything from milling cutters to small cut-off wheels. How effective is the whole thing now? Of course, you can only make very small cuts with a Dremel and a cutting wheel for this is also very small and of course it wears out very quickly.



Norton mini pole sander




The disadvantage of cutting discs, for example, whether from an angle grinder or a Dremel, is that the abrasion from the cutting disc smears in the aluminum, so you have a problem when welding that dirt comes out of the material, namely the abrasion from the cutting disc. This leads to pores and thus to low stability and leaks, for example in tanks.



So I wouldn’t recommend using the whole thing if you want to weld afterwards. An option or alternative would be to polish the interface with a file afterwards so that there are no signs of abrasion.



If you want to weld afterwards, it is always best to keep the area as clean and bright as possible.



This is a mega good and stable attachment for turning and grinding ect for the angle grinder the part really shreds

Flexible shaft with 6 mm collet chuckFlexible shaft with M14 threaded connection


The Dremel is of course perfect for small, narrow areas because it is easy to get to and work on. We also work with a Dremel every day because we often have places that are very difficult to reach. But if you have surface area and space, I would definitely recommend the angle grinder or the jigsaw with an aluminum blade, but as I said, it always depends on how much space you have.


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There are really a lot of accessories for the Dremel, I have attached a few sample pictures below. This is really very special, but it can often help you perfectly.




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