Jasic TIG ACDC TIG welding machine

Jasic TIG ACDC TIG welding machine

Jasic TIG ACDC TIG welding machine



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Jasic TIG ACDC TIG welding machine



Yes, the Jessic welding machine really is a real eye-catcher. I think not only the look is extremely stylish and modern, but also the technology. For the price quoted, it’s awesome.



Visually, I find the whole thing with the cool large LCD display simply very nice, which means that I always have an optimum view of my welding machine and what the current setting is. For example, I have my welding machine under my welding table in a small compartment like this.


And of course I can see the LCD display perfectly and know exactly what’s going on. How many amperes I am currently welding. Of course, the big advantage here is that we have an up and down torch, which is already included as standard in the Jasic welding machine. This means you can always regulate your amperage very quickly and if you want to check briefly, simply look at the large display. Do you always know the optimum number.




Jasic TIG ACDC TIG welding machine

Jasic TIG200P ACDC PFC E2S23 TIG welding machine




Otherwise, it is clear that you can weld stainless steel, steel and aluminum with the device. Of course, you can also retrofit an electrode holder and, even if you have to repair the power supply in the electrode area, you can weld the whole thing in a relaxed manner. Advantage. Of course, you don’t need shielding gas at this point.



Important settings. The balance and heart are of course included as standard, as well as all pulse settings, pulse on and so on. These would of course be important factors if you would like to use the Diepolz function in your everyday life. I’ve really tried a lot of things. Here’s a hint: I’m attaching a video about the device. There are a few more videos to come. So why not take a look?


Jasic TIG200P PFC W2S62 TIG welding machine


But the device also has a very cool mode. We are already talking about a semi-professional machine here. And this device has the AC Mix or Dual Wave depending on which name you know it by.




This function has the great advantage that your fusion board runs better and you have a better cleaning effect if, for example, you are welding contaminated materials or cast aluminum, i.e. used older parts, where it works very well. What does the function do now? It switches back and forth between Hassi and Dirty mode, depending on how you set it. So you can imagine the whole thing as with the pulse function, except that here you switch the alternating current and the direct current.




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Jasic TIG ACDC TIG welding machine

I hope my article Jasic TIG ACDC TIG welding machine has helped you. Take a look at my free tig welding tips HERE


I’ve already done a lot of welding with the device. We are still doing a lot of testing at the moment. So as I said, feel free to check out our YouTube channel, where all the videos will be added successively. I hope you have a lot of fun with it

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