Jasic welding equipment

Jasic welding equipment

Jasic welding equipment


Jasic welding equipment



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Jasic welding machines not new in Germany, but in a completely new design.





You’ve probably already heard a lot about Jasic welding equipment, so it’s not for nothing that you came across this blog post. I’m going to tell you a bit about the new devices and show you how they work. It’s really blatant what has happened here with the devices. A lot has happened in terms of appearance alone. They have an extremely modern design and stand out from all other welding machines.



On the one hand, they stand out with their cool design, which is really very modern. And secondly, the large, color LCD display makes the whole thing look very stylish. Of course, this has nothing to do with the technology, but it is also extremely complex.


As with all manufacturers, Jasic naturally offers everything a welder’s heart desires. It starts with an electric welder.



Jasic ARC200 PFC Z2S42 electrode welding machine


Jasic ARC160PFC Z2S22 electrode welding machine aluminum bucket




All the devices here basically have the same look and the same structure. The cool thing about the electron welder is that you can also throw it away, but only with a Liftarc ignition. Here you just need the torch and you’re ready to go, including WiG welding.


Of course, the device also has extremely cool features, including anti-stick, hot-start and arc-force settings


or wireless remote control, optional (Micro-Remote.

So there is virtually nothing left to be desired.

Then it continues in the palette. Of course, a MIG/ MAG welding machine must not be missing, the



Jasic MIG200PFC N2S62 MIG/MAG welding machine


Jasic MIG200PFC N2S62 MIG/MAG welding machine



The welding machine also has a TIG function with Liftarc


Other future features include MIG tacking function with consistent and efficient performance. Here, too, you can use additional tools such as flexible remote controls, optional (wireless or wired)


and of course you can use any MIG/MAG torch with a Eurocentral connection or spool guns.



Now we come to my favorite topic, I take the TIG welder, which of course for me always absolute highlight, because I daily and preferably aluminum welder. That’s why I definitely need an ACDC TIG welding machine.



Jasic TIG200P ACDC PFC E2S22 TIG welding machine


Jasic TIG200P ACDC PFC E2S22 TIG welding machine tig welding machine aluminum spoon



This appliance also has the same look as the other appliances. As I said, I find them very modern, really fitting.


Cool features such as AC Mix or the fact that you can choose whether to use HF ignition or Liftarc.


And, of course, the pulse function, where you have many setting options for the pulse width, amperes and so on, is a must for such a device. That you can really find the right setting for you to be able to weld aluminum optimally. Accessories here are exactly the same flexible remote control, optional (wireless or wired). Although I also recommend simply using an up and down burner, as this makes everyday welding much easier. And of course offers many advantages.



You can also retrofit a water cooling system. That is of course also important. If you weld a lot and for a long time at full power, this is of course an important point that can be retrofitted.



Jasic LC-30 C0S1 (water cooling for EVO20 TIG200 ACDC )


Jasic water cooling mig mag zig wig aluminum spoon welder



Of course, you also have to adapt the Wig burner, water-cooled, with up and down and possibly even with a flexible head and a 6 m hose package, so that you always have enough length available.


Jasic TIG welding torch water-cooled RTC-ED UP/DOWN black 6m long


Last but not least, and of course not to be forgotten, is a plasma cutter, these devices also have an extreme added value in small workshops or mobile. When you’re out and about, they are simply extremely helpful.



Jasic CUT45 PFC L2S42 plasma cutter


Jasic CUT45 PFC L2S42 Plasma cutter aluminum bucket



The design has not been changed here either. Exactly the same. Cool and modern design like all other welding machines. Here, too, we have lots of cool features, such as SurePlasma – constant arc ignition with different torch lengths.



Or what is of course also very important on the construction site, cutting gratings, 2T/4T function, without HF and pilot ignition.



So as you can see, the Jasic range of welding equipment leaves nothing to be desired. Everything your heart desires. And in my opinion, the machines have extremely cool features at an absolutely great price-performance ratio, or even better, a favorable price-performance ratio compared to other industrial machines.




If you need assistance with a Jasic welding machine, please contact us!



Or save time and money and achieve results quickly and easily.




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10 important free TIG welding tips






Jasic welding equipment



I hope you enjoyed my article Jasic welding equipment helped. Take a look at my free tig welding tips HERE


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