Aluminum welding Weldinger

Aluminum welding Weldinger

Aluminum welding Weldinger


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Aluminum welding Weldinger


How well can I weld aluminum with Weldinger welding equipment?




A lot has happened in recent years when it comes to welding equipment. A few years ago, there were actually only industrial welding systems, which were simply far too expensive for the hobby sector or the area where I need the welding machine maybe twice or three times a month. Even a used system usually cost over €1000 and more.



The company Weldinger, for example, has made a lot of progress in this area, because there are welding machines starting at around €500 that can weld aluminum really well.



The question often arises, is it any good at all? Does it make sense to weld with such a part? It is always clear that we have a certain price-performance ratio here. In other words, you pay X amount and get X performance in return. It has to be said quite clearly that the welding machines weld aluminum extremely well for the money.



We ourselves have several Weldinger systems in our workshop and our day-to-day business is repair welding, mainly in the field of aluminum or cast aluminum. That’s why I would say that we can say from experience that the machines weld very, very well.



Alu bucket alu welding machine like welding machine action welding inverter WELDINGER WE 2003P ACDC with TIG set pressure regulator welding helmet



Now there are two variants here, namely the simple variant and the pro variant, which I think is really cool. The devices differ visually, the cheaper ones are yellow.


The pro version is in the color black. Yes, the devices differ in terms of their functions and, of course, the setting options that the device has available. The pro versions always come with a better welding torch, which of course also makes the whole thing more individual for the user.


WELDINGER TIG welding inverter WE 2030P AC/DC pro digital (without hosepack)


As I have already mentioned, aluminum welding is part of our everyday life. That is why we have been able to gain a lot of experience with Weldinger welding equipment over the last three years and are extremely satisfied in this area. Of course, we have also been able to make many customers happy with such a device who have been able to test the devices with us or have seen our videos and that is why it is simply fun to work with such a company.



Free tips on aluminum welding

Free aluminum welding tips




I have of course already recorded several videos on the subject of aluminum welding with Weldinger welding equipment. I will attach a few videos below the text so that you can see for yourself. Of course, you also have the opportunity to contact us and try out such devices live on site.


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