Flex cut-off wheel 115 mm

Flex cut-off wheel 115 mm

Flex cut-off wheel 115 mm


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Flex cut-off wheel 115 mm



Flex cut-off wheel 115 mm what should I bear in mind?


Cutting-off wheels are of course indispensable in any normal workshop. The nice thing is that the whole thing is relatively quick and easy to clamp into the angle grinder and you can get started.



Cut aluminum bucket Multi material cut-off wheel


But what needs to be considered – for example in relation to welding or use. With cut-off wheels, for example, it is also important to store them correctly and how to treat them to ensure the longest possible service life.



It is already starting, an important tip is perhaps separating disks, can draw moisture. Which is of course very bad as far as durability is concerned. Let’s take this situation. A package arrives in the fall from your supplier.


The cut-off wheels and the box are in the workshop / outside under the carport, for example, and the cut-off wheels are not optimally packed. This means they absorb moisture and in the end you have the problem when working.



The discs wear out very quickly and the thought often arises that the cut-off wheels are bad and the material was a bad batch. This often involves moisture, which simply makes the cutting-off wheel worse.


That’s kind of the first tip, that you really have to make sure that the cut-off wheel is stored as dry as possible so that it doesn’t draw moisture and you can simply have the longest life of a wheel possible.



Perhaps you have already dealt with the issue of how to clamp a cut-off wheel. The lettering must be visible in the angle grinder or can the lettering face backwards? Here I can tell you that it doesn’t matter which way round the cut-off wheel is clamped. It’s simply a matter of taste. How the person would like it to be!



Now, of course, there are different types of cut-off wheels for different materials. For example, there are special cut-off wheels directly for aluminum. Once you have cut with it, you will immediately see the difference or, of course, there are also universal or multi-purpose discs that are ideal for use in several areas.



aluminum cut-off wheel norton alu bucket alu cut off


Of course, there are many workshops where the materials differ greatly on the day. Then, of course, it is difficult for the employee to use different cut-off wheels throughout the day and then a multi-purpose wheel that is suitable for several applications comes into question.




Another tip for cutting aluminum profiles with a cut-off wheel. Here you have the problem that the cutting wheel always leaves abrasion in the material. If you want to weld this cut edge back to aluminum at the end, you are basically taking the abrasion from the cut-off wheel out of the material and always have the problem that the weld seam looks dirty.



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This results in the formation of pores and unfortunately a leak or a less stable weld seam.


I have also recorded a cool video on the subject of cut-off wheels, where we present the different cut-off wheels. Take a look at this. I hope you have a lot of fun with it.




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