Which electrode welding machine?

Which electrode welding machine?

Which electrode welding machine?



Greetings from Schweißfan,



Which electrode welding machine?


So you’re looking for the right electrode welding machine for you?



It still has to be said quite honestly that electric welding is simply the best welding process for an occasional welder.


Why is that?


It has to be said quite clearly that it is very cheap to buy. In other words, the welding machine can be purchased very cheaply. You don’t need a lot of accessories for this, basically a welding helmet, welding gloves and electrodes are enough!


For example, a super set offer like this


aluminum spoon electrode welder set-weldinger-ew201dig-pro-digital-electrode-welding-inverter-helmet-ah-300-electrode-hammer-gloves



And then you can basically start welding. It’s also really cool that you have everything you really need right at hand. The only thing that’s always missing is a face mask, which I still think is very important to protect yourself from the fumes. Or, of course, always weld in a well-ventilated room or even outside.



But what is the big advantage besides the fact that you can buy it very cheaply? In my opinion, it is also an advantage that you don’t need shielding gas, which saves money and of course makes the welding process much more manageable, you basically only need light current and can start immediately. The devices are very small and handy and are therefore very accessible to certain points where welding is required.


Another advantage is that this welding process is very forgiving, such as weather influences or rust, dirt, etc. This welding process works extremely well here. Nevertheless, I always recommend optimum preparation for welding.


Of course, the welding process is not the easiest, you have to practise a bit and have the right electrodes, but then it works very well.





You’ve seen a few parts that I can recommend to you, which we also work with ourselves, and we’ve also shot a few videos on the subject of electrode welding, which may also be very interesting for you for questions that are still open. We had the application engineer from Böhler Welding with us for this and we made some videos with him on the subject, just take a look.



More device tests on my YouTube channel










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