Where to weld?

Where to weld?

Where to weld?


Welding fan I salute you


Where to weld?


Aluminum spoon welding tig welding welder


An important topic because it can make so much easier.




Where to weld is of course a very good question! I would always recommend a dry, tidy, clean and above all a workshop with extraction.

If you then also have a cool welding table on which you can weld really well and can lay everything out nicely.


Welding table German Welding tools Aluminum bucket  Kemper Smart extraction welding fumes

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Preferably with clamps and all the accessories you need. This would of course be the absolute ideal case for welding.

I start from myself and am always happy when I can sit nicely in my chair and use all my accessories at the welding table.


WELDINGER GS1 3-piece welding grip gun set eco wide jaw, C-grip and 2-point



Because I have everything there and everything I need for welding.

Unfortunately, of course, it’s not always the case that I often have to weld outside or at a customer’s site, for example.

And then you have to get a lot of experience out of it and really work in many difficult situations, for example welding or in windy conditions or other environmental influences.

That’s why the welding station in the workshop is definitely the easiest and, of course, the most beautiful.


Free aluminum welding tips
Free tips on aluminum welding



But that’s not always possible, so you sometimes have to work outside at a customer’s premises and that’s exactly what makes a welder, that you can be used all-round and can actually weld any condition.



For beginners and newcomers, I always recommend that you prepare a cool table on which you can weld, preferably sitting down, so that you can concentrate fully on the weld seam and welding.

In my opinion, everything else comes bit by bit, so that you can also weld something under different conditions or outside.


Or save time and money and achieve results quickly and easily.






First learn the skills in the so-called doll’s house (workshop) and then expand them



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So I hope I was able to help you with the article Where to weld? help a little further. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. Welding is the daily topic there.

10 tig welder tips


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