Where to connect the earth terminal of the welding machine

Where to connect the earth terminal of the welding machine

Where to connect the earth terminal of the welding machine


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Where to connect the earth terminal of the welding machine



Where to connect the earth terminal correctly on the welding machine?


Ground clamp 300 A for welding aluminum spoon

Ground contact during welding is very important. In any case, it must be as good as possible so that you can weld optimally. Of course, it is essential for the burner to ignite properly in the first place.



In principle, if we now assume the connection where the dimensions are connected to the device is always on the plus pole, at least for TIG and MAG welding. Because when electrode welding, it depends on the electrode, which can be pole-welded to minus or plus.




Free tips on aluminum welding

Free aluminum welding tips






Now it depends a bit on your workplace. For example, I have a cool welding table from German Welding Tools. The table is of course made entirely of steel, which means I can pick out a nice spot. Nevertheless, remove the scale layer at this point so that I really have optimum water transfer.

Copper earth cable 4 m 25mm² T25 9mm rubber quality with earth terminal 200A WELDINGER (SPEM17)


You just have to remember that no matter what kind of table you have or what kind of component you have, it always has to be perfectly bright at that point.



We also do repair welding and here I know it, for example, a component is completely colored. Now, of course, you don’t want to damage the component even more, but really only want to remove the paint at the point where welding is required. You have to make sure that you still get a good ground contact and perhaps look at it in a place where you can’t see it too much.



There are also special mass holders for such things, which I will attach here. You can take a look at them, we often use them because it always depends on what kind of component you have.


Otherwise, if you have a welding table, make sure that you always have a metal sheet on top of the surface where you can place your measurements directly. The component must of course also be flat in order to optimally accommodate the dimensions.






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