What is the most important thing when welding?

What is the most important thing when welding?

What is the most important thing when welding?




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What is the most important thing when welding?




Anyone who has been to welding school now hears the phrase “w” is of course the most important thing in welding.



No, but joking aside. There are several important points that I would like to list for you now and I’ll just start with that.



What is the most important thing when welding?

1. preparation, i.e. making sure that your material or the part you want to weld is properly cleaned. Each part neatly laid out for you so that you can really get to the welding. Proper tacking is also very important when welding sheet metal, for example, so that the sheet metal does not warp.




2. now I have already mentioned it, the cleanliness of the welding part must be really neat and clean. I recommend acetone for cleaning or a wire brush, depending on what kind of dirt or paint is on the part.


Aluminum spoon cleaning weld seam cast aluminum brush brush on shaft corrugated

3. another very important point that many people don’t think about or don’t consider so important is the view, you need an optimal and the best view of the weld pool and the spot you want to weld. Why is this so important? Of course, it’s all about seeing exactly where the arc is going and what you are welding and how to optimally add the filler material! So the welding helmet must be correctly adjusted and your position must be right so that you have a great view. Many professionals use a glass nozzle, where I have to say, whether professional or beginner, the parts are tip-top for everyone, which makes learning to weld even easier in my opinion.






4. protective equipment, also very important the right welding helmet, welding gloves and of course something for respiratory protection I find very important. If you do not have an additional extraction system, make sure that you have a well-ventilated room in which you can weld. Of course, not so well ventilated that it displaces the shielding gas – that would be counterproductive.


BÖHLER GUARDIAN 62 Welding helmet aluminum spoon wig welding mag welding electrodeAluminum spoon wig gloves welding gloves böhler-welding-gloves-wig

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5. prepare a box with small parts such as sections of profiles so that you always have something you can align, because grip pliers or screw clamps don’t always work, but of course these parts are also very important. Another great tip, I always weld with a machine vice. I can really position my parts perfectly there.

WELDINGER GS1 3-piece welding grip gun set eco wide jaw, C-grip and 2-point




6 Of course, technology also plays a major role. Welding equipment, torch, accessories and also the filler material are, of course, things that first have to be right for what you want to weld and also have to be set precisely.



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What is the most important thing when welding?

So I hope I was able to help you with the article What is the most important thing when welding? help a little further. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. What is the most important thing about welding?

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