Welding Extraction

Welding Extraction

Welding Extraction


Greetings from Schweißfan,


Welding extraction is it really that important?

I think everyone can answer this question with a resounding yes. Or rather, I’ve always noticed that many people think that welding is only dangerous where there is smoke or where you can see it.



But this is a dangerous fallacy, because welding fumes are present in every welding process. The only difference is that with TIG welding you usually don’t notice it with the naked eye, but it is still there and of course dangerous for the body.

I’ve been sweating every day for nine years now and didn’t pay attention to it at first. But I quickly realized that I was experiencing problems in the evening after work. Like extreme tiredness, headaches and so on.


At that point, I decided to work with a face mask. It was definitely a financial aspect at the time. However, I noticed extreme differences with it and then bought a suction unit relatively quickly.

Kemper extraction aluminum bucket welding fume




If you take a look at the filter after a month, for example, you can see that such a suction unit is definitely worth the money. What is a little money against a physical limitation, for example!



At the moment we’ve also been working with a fresh air helmet for a year, which means I’m doubly protected. The extraction system prevents it from spreading in the workshop, as there are usually other people in the workshop or walking through.

So for health reasons I can definitely recommend an extraction system and fresh air helmet. Always make sure that you are doing something good for your health.



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I’ve attached a few videos on the subject below, feel free to take a look. If you are interested in such a helmet or suction, I can also support you and even with a discount




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I hope you enjoyed my contribution helped. Take a look at my free tig welding tips HERE

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