Welding or bonding aluminum

Welding or bonding aluminum


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The question is welding or rather gluing aluminum?



Of course, the first question is what requirements you have or what is easiest for you, aluminum welding or gluing?

The next question would be, what does the whole thing have to withstand?



These are the first things you should ask yourself. Next, I can give you my assessment because I have been working a lot with aluminum for ten years and we actually weld, repair and join it on a daily basis.



Of course, I have also had my own experiences with glue, but mostly in situations where a customer has tried to glue a component. Because it didn’t hold, the part came to me after all and we repaired and welded it properly.



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As you can see, I’ve never been against gluing, but of course I’ve made the experience with my customers that it simply doesn’t work in many areas and doesn’t last. The problem is, especially if it has already been glued, the effort is quite great because all the glue has to be completely removed. So that it can be welded in place. Welding or gluing aluminum? my answer would be welding.



Also on parts where there is a leak, such as tanks. There is always the problem that the gasoline infiltrates the adhesive and at some point it simply falls off. For these reasons, I’m definitely in favor of welding, because there really is a lot that can be done with welding and we can restore 98% of the original condition.



If you would like to learn more about ALU welding then take a look here.


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In other words, to ensure tightness and also the original appearance, with the original look or strength, and I believe that this is a very important and decisive point at the end.



As I said, we’ve been able to gain a lot of experience over the last few years because we travel a lot in the classic car scene. And therefore also repair and weld many old components, but also in motorsport, no matter in which area, there is really a lot that can be done. If you want to see the whole thing for yourself, just take a look at our website or our YouTube channel, where you will get even more impressions of what is possible. I hope I was able to help you with this article and would be delighted to receive feedback.



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