Welding aluminum post-treatment

Welding aluminum post-treatment

Welding aluminum post-treatment


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Welding aluminum post-treatment


Aluminum welding, post-treatment, what is necessary and what is possible?



There are several answers to this question. Of course, you can treat aluminum a lot after welding, but you also have to say that the big advantage with aluminum is that you can leave it bare. Of course, you have to like the look of it. That is also clear, I find them very cool and often leave aluminum, just bare.



aluminum spoon polishing alu norton grinding the metalist



Now they say that aluminum does not rust and therefore does not need to be coated or protected against rust. But aluminum, of course, also sets white rust. This means that it oxidizes and can also break down. Of course, it takes a very long time for this to happen, but it has to be mentioned.


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I do this by going directly over the weld seam with a brass brush after welding. So that the whole thing looks a bit more uniform and tidy.



We also have the option of blasting the entire glass bead, which has the advantage that certain components can be completely blasted to create a uniform surface and the spot that has been welded is not even noticeable.



Polishing set ( aluminum / stainless steel )
Polishing set ( aluminum / stainless steel )



Then we work together with a powder coater. Who also powder coats certain components at the customer’s request. This means that the component is primed and then powder-coated in the desired color.

Of course, this also has a big advantage because you can do the whole thing in your favorite color or the matching color. The aluminum is also protected once again.



Welding aluminum Post-treatment Powder coating

Powder sandro




What we recently did was polish the surface of the aluminum to a high gloss. This is of course also a variant and of course has a mega look. Of course, the whole thing is also a little more complex. Just take a look at this, I have added a video below. Where we polish the aluminum to a mirror finish.




aluminum spoon welding tips how welders weld aluminum free tips aluminum welding




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