Aluminum welding preparation

Aluminum welding preparation


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Aluminum welding preparation



Aluminum welding preparation what is the best thing to consider.


As they say, preparation is always the be-all and end-all and it simply takes more time than the welding itself.

No matter what kind of material you want to process or weld, i.e. no matter whether it is new or used. Welding preparation must always take place.



Let’s assume you have a new aluminum sheet. These are usually covered with a protective film and when you peel it off, adhesive residue always sticks to the aluminum. Mainly, of course, at the points on the edge where you ultimately want to weld. For this reason, I would always recommend removing the adhesive residue with a cloth and acetone.


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Now it must also be said that you can also set your welding machine so that you have a good cleaning effect when welding. Nevertheless, I always recommend that if it is a 100% visible seam or, for example, a tank that has to be tight at the end, it should be prepared in the best possible way.


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It’s much worse if you want to weld used aluminum or even worse if you want to weld cast aluminum. The normal aluminum naturally absorbs dirt due to the environment and the effects of the weather, i.e. you simply have to remove and clean it before welding.


Then, of course, there are also components that are painted. Of course, you have to remove the paint first, and I always recommend using a hot air dryer and a wire brush to remove it.



Aluminum boxes are a bit more special and require a lot more cleaning. I always recommend a hot air dryer and a wire brush for proper pre-cleaning. However, a great deal of cleaning is also required during the welding process, ideally with a wire brush.


So with aluminum boxes you not only have a preparation, but also an intermediate preparation, where you always have to make sure that everything stays perfectly clean.



If you would like to learn more about this topic, I have also recorded an online course with several modules where I have summarized all my tips and tricks from ten years of welding experience.




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I hope I was able to help you a little with the aluminum welding preparation blog.

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